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Man Injured in Terrifying Manhattan Sidewalk Grate Accident

A terrifying sidewalk cellar door accident in Manhattan sent an unsuspecting pedestrian to the hospital with horrific injuries on October 15th. The man was simply walking past the McDonald's at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 34th Street when he stumbled and fell through an open sidewalk cellar door. He hit bottom 12 feet below street level and lay injured until rescue crews arrived.

Worker Dies in Construction Accident on the Upper East Side

A tragic construction accident in Manhattan claimed the life of a young worker early this month. The unnamed 30-year old man was working high above street level at a jobsite on 76th street on the afternoon of September 1st when--eyewitness reports state--he fell from the scaffolding erected in front of the high-rise. The man plummeted 13 stories to the pavement below as bystanders watched in horror.

An Elevator Accident in Manhattan Ends in Tragedy

A construction worker was killed in New York City earlier this week when the temporary platform he was standing on collapsed beneath his feet. The man fell nearly 40 feet to the bottom of an elevator shaft. The construction accident Manhattan was reported just after noon but by the time rescue workers arrived the man was unconscious and unresponsive. He was taken to nearby Bellevue Hospital Center but doctors were unable to revive him.

Underground Construction Accident Sends Worker to the Hospital

A construction accident in Manhattan sent one worker to the hospital after a fall late last month. The unidentified 60-year old man fell from a ladder that was part of a complex series of scaffolding in the subway system beneath Second Avenue and East 69th Street. Rescue workers called the maze of ladders and metal work a "complicated system" erected below street level and had difficulty getting the injured man to safety.

Construction Accident Injures One when Worker Falls 25 Feet

A scary construction accident in New York City last week could have been a lot worse. Work at a building site at 435 W. Street stopped unexpectedly around 2:30 PM when a worker fell through the floor two stories up. The man tumbled 25 feet to the ground below where he lay broken and battered.

Staircase Accident in Manhattan Claims the Life of a Dominican Woman

Late last month a Dominican woman became the victim of a bizarre staircase accident in Manhattan when she slipped and fell to her death. She was visiting friends in an apartment building in the Upper Manhattan neighborhood of Inwood when she, somehow, fell down a flight of stairs and then tumbled through a window. She fell five stories to the pavement below and was declared dead by rescue crews when they arrived on scene.

Construction Accident in Brooklyn Claims the life of 50-Year Old Worker

A construction accident in Brooklyn has claimed the life of a 50-year old worker in Brighton Beach. The man fell six stories (though some reports say only four) from the top of a building under construction at 360 Neptune Avenue. He was declared dead at the scene and an investigation into the accident was immediately begun.

Window Washer Dies in Fall from Heights in New York

A tragic fall from heights accident in New York claimed the life of a young man on March 3rd in Tribeca. The young man was employed as a window washer and according to one eyewitness, when his hand slipped he plummeted to the street below, landing on the pavement.

Latest Figures Confirm Falls Once Again #1 Killer of Construction Workers in NYC

Falls are once again the number one construction accident in New York and result in the highest percentage of fatalities. Falls from heights in New York represent 15% of all fatal jobsite accidents. To put that in perspective that rate is twice that of the next most fatal accident type: contact with equipment.

Brooklyn Construction Site Fall Leaves Man Seriously Injured

A 39-year-old construction worker was injured last week when he fell off a ladder at a Brooklyn jobsite. At the time of the construction accident, the man was working below-ground at the Gowanus Canal flushing tunnel. The NY Times reported that the ladder was wet, causing the worker to slip and tumble backwards into the pit of a hole, ultimately landing on his back.

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