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Falling Tree Branch Kills Pregnant Woman; Injures Another

A tragic accident in Flushing's Kissena Park took the life of a 30-year old woman and her unborn child early on the evening of August 4, 2013. Yingyi Li-Dikov, an Ithaca College graduate, had stopped to rest on a park bench with another woman when a massive limb from the oak tree above came crashing down on them both. Yingyi was pronounced dead at a local hospital after being struck in the head and body by the limb. The other woman was treated for injuries caused by falling tree branches and released.

Report Finds Auto Accidents in NYC Still Number One Killer of Kids

An annual report by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene shows that, yet again, auto accidents in New York City are the number one injury-related killer of children under the age of 15. Nearly 25% of all injury-related deaths of children in that age group are caused directly by auto collisions or pedestrian collisions on NYC streets.

Toddler Injured in Escalator Accident Highlights the "Unrecognized" Danger

Earlier this year, a one-year old boy was gruesomely injured in an escalator accident at the Upper West Side location of Barnes & Noble. The New York City escalator accident occurred in the heart of Manhattan when the youngster got his hand caught in the escalator and couldn't remove it in time. The boy was in the care of his nanny at the time and fell, causing his hand to get wedged in the steps of the escalator.

NYPD Under Fire for Possible Excessive Force in Queens Teen's Arrest

The teenage victim and several eye witnesses are saying that officers of the New York City Police Department acted with excessive force when subduing the 19-year old outside a youth center in Queens last month. On January 8th, Robert Jackson was arrested outside the Flushing YMCA. He was confronted by police several officers after he allegedly became vocal and "spewed profanities" at the patrolmen.

Warming: Icy conditions ahead on the roads

Obama has not even finished campaigning when Hurricane Sandy struck New York and the surrounding area, with devastating consequences. This added to the traditional winter snowfall, ice and blustery winds. Only very recently a giant blizzard (Nemo) hit the northeastern states, adding as much as three feet of snow in some parts of the northeast. With flights postpones, over 11 inches of snow in Central Park, and the National Guard deployed to bring support to areas totally snowed in and to keep the highways moving, an all out effort was needed to keep New York moving.

Delivery cyclist crackdown to begin in NYC

New York City officials are currently preparing to crack down on commercial bicycle delivery riders who violate regulations in a variety of ways. However, safety advocates hope that officials will pay equal or greater attention to the aggressive crosswalk culture that inspires most bicycle accidents in the first place.

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