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Injuries from Sidewalk Defects in New York City - Who Is Responsible?

There are hundreds of miles of sidewalks in New York City. Unfortunately, some have broken or cracked flagstones and others are uneven. All of which can cause serious trip and fall accidents. In some circumstances, pedestrians who have been hurt by a defective sidewalk in New York City can now hold the adjacent property owners financially liable for their injuries.

Sidewalk Cellar Door Accident Leaves Legally Blind Woman injured

An elderly woman in New Jersey was severely injured after falling nearly six feet into the cellar of a building in Plainfield earlier this week. The 67-year old was walking down the sidewalk when she tripped over an open cellar door and fell head-first into the basement. The whole sidewalk cellar door accident was capture on video. The evidence clearly shows the individual working in the basement (repairing gas lines according to police) had failed to put up hazard notifications such as caution tape or cones.

Schedule for Sidewalk Repairs May Leave New Yorkers at Risk

Property owners are responsible for inspecting and maintaining the vast majority sidewalks in New York (since the city shifted liability in 2003). But the city itself may still be on the hook for a large number of injuries caused by sidewalk accidents in New York. That's because the New York is still liable for repairing and maintaining sidewalks adjacent to public buildings, green spaces (such as parks or city office buildings) and multiple dwelling less than four families.

Falling Debris from Apartment facade Strikes Man on Bronx Sidewalk

New York is a very vertical city, making for eye-catching vistas and wonderful snapshots. Unfortunately, every year a number of men and women are injured--some even killed--in apartment complex accidents New York City involving debris falling from rooftops, building facades, and windows. This is a reality that one man found out as he was walking along the sidewalk in front of his home in the Bronx late last month.

Uncleared Snow and Ice Public Sidewalk Accidents in New York

After a relatively mild start, winter is finally here again along the East Coast. Ice and snow covered sidewalk accident in New York are something all of us should be thinking about. Every year there are hundreds of slip and fall accidents around the City which send people to emergency rooms. Injuries can range from bumps and bruises to head injuries and compound bone fractures. These individuals may require surgeries combined with extensive time lost from work for rehabilitation.

Sidewalk Grate Accident in New York Leads to 20-Foot Fall

There are thousands of sidewalk grates across the City. Some simply lead into the basements and sub-basements of buildings. Others, however, lead directly into the city's infrastructure and open onto voids dropping 20, 50, even 90 feet below street level into subway and utility tunnels. Every year a number of individuals are injured by sidewalk grate accidents in New York City.

Sidewalk Accident in New York Injures Young Man

Just last week a young man was injured in a bizarre sidewalk accident in New York. The 20-year old was crossing the street in Buffalo, New York when the ground opened up beneath him and swallowed him whole. The three-foot wide hole appeared without notice in the middle of the street and the man had no time to react. Though relatively narrow, the whole was reportedly deep and the young man suffered unspecified injuries in the fall. He was taken to a nearby hospital and later discharged to continue recovery at home.

New York City Receives 40+ Warnings About Unsafe Sidewalk Grates

There are an estimated 39,000 sidewalk grates across New York City, some covering holes in the pavement 80 feet deep or deeper. These pose a serious threat to the safety of any New Yorker simply walking down the street. In fact, hundreds of people are injured every year in sidewalk grate accidents in New York City. Many suffer bruises, scrapes, and maybe twisted ankles from simple slip and fall accidents but many are injured much more seriously. Some suffer with broken bones, nerve damage, or even brain damage and some of the victims don't survive their falls.

Temp Fluctuations Cause Falling Ice and Snow Accidents in New York City

Winter presents a trying time for residents and visitors alike as rapidly fluctuating temperatures along the East Coast cause falling ice and snow accidents across New York City. It's no secret that New York is a vertical city. Skyscrapers, high-rises, and amazing architecture stretching into the skyline are what the city is known for. But those towering dangers pose a threat during winter months when snow and ice can build up on building facades and rooftops and then sheets of ice and chunks rain down upon pedestrians in Manhattan and elsewhere.

Record Snowfalls Remind New Yorkers of the Dangers of Winter

This season's record snowfalls up and down the Eastern Seaboard and interior New York serve as a reminder that winter weather can make living and working in New York City treacherous at best. Several states east of the Mississippi have already recorded the most snowfall ever in November (with Upstate New York receiving up to seven feet of snow in some places) While many of the injuries and deaths this season have been caused either by roof collapses or automobile accidents on slick roadways, improperly cleared sidewalk are just as dangerous for pedestrians. In fact, snow and ice covered sidewalk accidents in New York (most typically slip and fall accidents) contribute to one of the top 10 causes of emergency room visits in the Big Apple-sprains and broken bones.

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