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Wrongful Arrest in New York City Results in Massive Settlement for Victim

A wrongful arrest in New York City has resulted in a multi-million-dollar settlement for a Brooklyn man convicted of murder 24 years ago. Ruddy Quezada was arrested, tried, and convicted of fatally shooting a man in Brooklyn in 1993. He recently filed two separate lawsuits against the City of New York alleging that his case was mishandled and his arrest and conviction were unjust. The City decided that rather than take the case to trial, they would settle one of the lawsuits out of court and offered Mr. Quezada $9.5 million in exchange for the last 24 years of his life.

NYPD Under Fire for Another Alleged Wrongful Arrest

In court documents filed recently, a Muslim woman claims that not only was she the victim of a wrongful arrest in New York City but that officers violated her civil rights by stripping her of her religious garb and refusing to give it back. 34-year-old Rabab Musa was handcuffed by NYPD officers and removed from a Starbucks location by uniformed NYPD officers, her court paper allege. She was transported to a holding cell, stripped searched, and stripped of her hijab-a "sign of modesty for women in the Islamic faith."

Wrongful Conviction in New York City Results in Victims Winning $40 Million

A near-record-breaking financial award was recently negotiated in five separate wrongful conviction lawsuits in New York City. The five victims each spent 17 years in jail for murders they had nothing to do with--one of which was known to have been committed by gang members. The $40 settlement was reached after nearly three years of negotiation.

Wrongful Arrest Lawsuit in New York City Stems from Incident Involving 3-Year Old

A father is suing the NYPD for wrongful arrest in New York City after he was "manhandled" and detained while carrying his three-year old son at the 2015 Christmas Tree Lighting in Rockefeller Center. It appears officers at the ceremony may have overreacted and used excessive force when Luther Louis-Jeune unknowingly approached an off-limits area. The situation quickly escalated and Mr. Louis-Jeune was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. Those charges were subsequently dropped. Mr. Louis-Jeune has filed a false arrest lawsuit in New York City court seeking an unspecified amount of damages.

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