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Social Distancing Leads to Increase in Bicycle Accidents in New York City

Social distancing and quarantine requirements in place during the unprecedented COVID-19 outbreak here in the United States have indirectly contributed to a dramatic increase in the number of bicycle accidents in New York City. Indeed, with the incredible decrease in the number of people using mass transit and avoiding ridesharing and taxi cabs for fear of spreading the virus, the number of people who have begun to use alternative methods of transportation through New York City (including riding bicycles) is exploding. Unfortunately, with that ridership increase comes a dramatic increase in the number of accidents as well.

Eyewitness to Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Denies Official NYPD Report

A fatal bicycle accident in New York City last month left a young woman dead, yet a series of conflicting reports have clouded who may be at fault. An investigation by news outlet Streetsblog shows this misreporting of bicycle accidents in New York is not uncommon.

New York Bicycle Accident Sends Man to Hospital in Critical Condition

An afternoon bike ride turned tragic for one young man early this month. The bicycle accident in Queens occurred as the unnamed 34-year old man was riding near the intersection of 114th Street and 34th Avenue on September 3rd. He was struck by a motorist near the entrance ramp to Grand Central Parkway and thrown from his bicycle, suffering life-threatening injuries.

Elderly Man Left in Critical Condition After hit and Run Bicycle Accident in Queens

A bicycle accident in Queens left an 88-year old man known as "Mohammed" in critical condition after a hit and run driver struck him while he was riding his bicycle along 131st Street. The elderly gentleman was riding his mountain bike down the street, as he often did, as part of his regular exercise routine. However, witnesses say that a blue sedan trying to pass the bicyclist struck him then drove off.

Hit and Run Bicycle Accident in the Bronx Leaves Teen in Critical Condition

A late night bicycle accident in New York City left a 17-year old young man in critical condition and the driver on the run from police. Just after 10:30 PM near the intersection of Jerome Avenue and East 223rd Street, an unnamed 17-year old was struck by a speeding motorist. The motorist left the injured teen lying in the road and sped off. When rescue crews arrived they found the teen in serious condition with head trauma and a number of other injuries. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition.

Slippery Bridges Make Walking and Biking Treacherous in New York

With all the attention slip and fall accidents on New York City sidewalks get in the wintertime, it's often easy to overlook the dangers on pedestrian and bike paths across the numerous bridges throughout the Five Boroughs. In the winter months, snow and ice can make the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Queensboro Bridges extremely hazardous.

NYPD Says Motorist Failure to Yield Left Model Brain Dead

The NYPD investigation into a bicycle accident in New York has concluded that the driver of a Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation "red bus" is to blame. The accident, which occurred on Roosevelt Island's Main Street, left a 29-year old Swedish model, Anna Maria Mostrom, functionally brain dead. While doctor's were hopeful, the injuries she has suffered we re likely irreversible.

Delivery cyclist crackdown to begin in NYC

New York City officials are currently preparing to crack down on commercial bicycle delivery riders who violate regulations in a variety of ways. However, safety advocates hope that officials will pay equal or greater attention to the aggressive crosswalk culture that inspires most bicycle accidents in the first place.

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