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Deadly New York Bus Accident Likely Caused by Thermos

A bus accident in New York City in 2017 that left three people dead and several more injured was likely caused by a thermos rolling around on the floor. That's the tentative conclusion from the year-long investigation into the crash by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).

Third MTA Bus Accident in New York in Less than a Month

A recent plague of MTA bus accidents in New York have left several individuals dead and at least one elderly man in the hospital fighting for his life. This latest avoidable accident involving an MTA bus left an unnamed 64-year old man in critical condition. The man was struck by the M22 MTA bus on Manhattan's Lower East Side on Monday, November 23. Eye witnesses say that he was either crossing the street or standing on the street corner around 11 in the morning when the MTA bus made a left turn at the intersection of Madison and Jackson Streets and struck him.

Man Killed in MTA Bus Accident in the Bronx

A night out on the town to celebrate a promotion at work turned tragic for a young man earlier this month. 23-year old Louis Inoa was killed in a tragic MTA bus accident in the Bronx early on the morning of September 18th. He and a friend had been out celebrating and were on their way home in a livery cab when Inoa became ill. He asked the driver to stop and exited the vehicle into the street when a BX1 MTA bus came down Kingsbridge Avenue. Inoa was struck by the bus and was caught under the right rear wheel.

MTA Bus Accident in New York City Involved "Exploding Manhole"

Passengers aboard an MTA bus traveling along west 170th Street in the Bronx were shocked and amazed when a 300 pound manhole cover burst up through the floor of the moving bus, shredding metal and sending debris flying like shrapnel. The New York City bus accident sent at least one passenger to the hospital with an injury to her ankle (likely caused by flying debris). Authorities are investigating the explosion but don't suspect foul play.

Sightseeing Bus Accident in New York Leave Man in Critical Condition

A shocking bus accident in New York brought one Greenwich Village street to a standstill earlier this month. A man is recovering from life threatening injuries today after being struck and dragged down the street by a privately owned double decker sightseeing bus on July 3rd. The man, an unnamed 50-year old, was seen crossing the street at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street seconds before the double decker bus struck him. The victim was forced under the middle section of the bus and dragged for a short distance, screaming for help all the while.

MTA Bus Accident in Manhattan Leaves Elderly Woman Critically Injured

A traumatic bus accident in New York has put an elderly lady in the hospital with critical, life-threatening injuries. The woman was crossing the street near the intersection of Fulton and Pearl streets around 6 p.m. when she was struck by an MTA bus. The woman was rushed to Bellevue Hospital where doctors are struggling to save her life. One eyewitness said the woman was crushed by the bus and was rushed away covered in blood.

Bus Accident in New York Sends Two People to Hospital

An early morning bus accident in New York near the George Washington Bridges sent two people to the hospital with leg injuries earlier this month. Police reports show that the jitney bus skidded off the Henry Hudson Parkway ramp in Washington Heights and careened down a snow-covered embankment, barely missing several trees, before smashing through a stone retaining wall and finally coming to a rest as the front of the bus smashed into a pair of trees. When rescue crews arrived at the bus accident in Manhattan, they found the vehicle nearly 100 feet from the roadway, suggesting that speed may have been a factor in the accident.

Icy Streets Contribute to Dozens of Car Accidents in New York City

Dozens were injured in numerous car accidents in New York City earlier this month when a surprise "flash freeze" took the East Coast by storm. Moderately heavy rain combined with subzero temperatures and bare roadways to create the perfect conditions for icing. City streets and highways turned into skating rinks and emergency workers couldn't keep up with the volume of calls. In fact, over 600 callers to 911 were put on hold.

12-Year Old Boy Falls Out of Moving School

A shocking school bus accident in the Bronx has left a 12-year old boy critically injured. According to reports, sometime during the daily commute on October 20th, the boy (identified as A.J. Pediford) fell out of the emergency exit at the back of the bus and landed on the pavement. The boy was on his way home from New York City Children's Center when the accident occurred at the corner of East 156th Street and Courtland Avenue. A.J.'s injuries are so severe that he fell into a coma after arriving at Jacobi Hospital. The boy's father told reporters that A.J. broke a bone at the base of his skull that holds his head onto his neck.

Woman Crushed in Fatal New York City Bus Accident

A fatal New York City bus accident left one woman dead and left many questioning the safety precautions employed by City drivers. The unnamed 50-year old victim was pinned under the bus's wheels shortly after stepping off the B44 bus in Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood of Brooklyn. Witnesses say the woman dropped her phone as she was exiting the bus and bent to retrieve it. The driver put the bus in motion while the woman was still under the bus. She was killed instantly when the rear wheels rolled over her.

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