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Man Dies in Drowning Accident in Long Island

Another drowning accident in Long Island puts New York on track for a records summer of fatalities. A sunny day at the beach turned tragic late last month when 48-year old Kerry Agosto slipped beneath the waves unnoticed and never surfaced again. Agosto had been spotted swimming by eye witnesses at Mastic Beach on Long Island but was later found floating lifelessly at the water's edge. When other swimmers saw his body bobbing in the surf, beachgoers attempted to rescue Agosto, pulling him from the water and performing CPR until rescue crews arrived. EMTs rushed Agosto to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital Center but he was declared dead on arrival.

Drowning in Long Island: Pool Accident Claims Life of 4-Year Old

A tragic drowning accident in Long Island has claimed the life of a toddler. 4-year old Justin McConville was at a family friend's house with his mother when he accidentally drown in the family pool. His mother had been invited to the home by a family friend for a backyard barbecue and took her eyes off the boy for what seemed like just an instant. Moments later the family friend found the boy at the bottom of their above ground pool.

New York City Man Drowns in Popular Summertime Destination

A 73-year old man from Manhattan drowned earlier this month when he fell out of a boat on the Croton Falls reservoir. The early afternoon boating accident in New York drew attention from surrounding counties as 8 rescue and public safety agencies responded to the call for help. Putnam County officials first reported that the man, John Scales, was in a boat with 82-year old Joe Gay (also of New York City) when the boat capsized tossing both men into the water. However, it now appears that Mr. Scales fell from the seat while fishing.

Pool Accidents in New York City Climb During Summer Months

Public and private swimming pools across the city provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer and beat the heat with family and friends. But pool accidents in New York City claim the lives of unsuspecting victims every year-senseless losses that, for the most part, could be avoided with the proper equipment, maintenance, and supervision.

75% of All Pool-Related Drowning in NYC Children 4 and Under

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control highlight an alarming trend. 75% of all accidental drowning accidents in New York City involve children four years old or younger. The vast majority of those children drown in home swimming pools. (Older children and adults are more likely to drown in natural water settings such as lakes and rivers.) The new data was collected from hospital visits and emergency calls across the country and collated in a special report entitled "Unintentional Drowning:  Get the Facts."

Tragic Hudson River Boat Crash Claims Bride-to-Be

On July 23rd, a celebratory ride up the Hudson River turned tragic as a boat carrying a bride-to-be, her groom, and several other members of the bridal party crashed into a barge. An investigation has revealed the boating accident was caused by the operator, who was intoxicated and either failed to see the barge or failed to accurately compensate the boat's course.

Manhattan Man Drowns at Popular New York Summertime Destination

A 46-year old Manhattan resident was the second individual to drown in as many weeks at a popular New York summertime destination. Bear Mountain State Park is home to Hessian Lake, a lake which has claimed the lives of two New York City natives in the last month in spite of being "off limits" to swimmers.

Near Death Experience for 2-Year Old Queens Boy Highlights Danger of Pools

A July 4th celebration nearly turned tragic for a Queens family late Thursday afternoon. A two-year old child attending a Jay Avenue block party with parents was lost in the chaos of the scene. When he was spotted once more, he was unconscious and near death-floating in a neighbors pool. This near-fatal New York City drowning accident could have turned tragic if not for the quick thinking of several everyday heroes.

Accidental Drowning in New York City

Drowning is estimated to be the fourth leading cause of accidental death nationwide and the second leading cause of death of children under the age of fifteen. It may not be a danger you'd expect to encounter in an urban area but New York City drowning accidents claim the lives of dozens of people every year. Many die in unsafe swimming pools and spas. Still others lose their life to the sea after boating accidents miles or mere yards from shore. Even unguarded standing water can lead to a fatal drowning, especially when children are involved.

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