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Commercial Truck Involved in Fatal Bicycle Accident in Bushwick

A commercial truck driver's failure to yield caused a fatal bicycle accident in New York City earlier this month. 27-year-old Leah Sylvain was critically injured on Evergreen Avenue while riding her bicycle properly in a bike lane. She was struck by a commercial fuel truck driven by 52-year-old Joseph Cherry when he turned left, cutting across her path and causing the fatal crash. EMS crews arrived to find her bleeding on the street with severe head trauma. They rushed her to nearby Woodhull Hospital but were unable to save her life.

Increase in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in New York Calls Into Question the Effectiveness of Vision Zero

In spite of the numerous improvements put in place by the Mayor's Office and the NYDOT as part of the City's commitment to the Vision Zero policy, the number of car accidents in New York City is on the rise. In fact, January saw the number of car accidents in New York top 17,000 for the first time in recorded history. And while the overall number of pedestrian accidents in New York City has dropped slightly, the number of people killed in crashes on city streets has jumped significantly.

Hit-and-Run Accident in New York Leaves One Dead and Nine Injured

A tragic car accident in Brooklyn has left one woman dead and nine other individuals injured. Eyewitnesses say the woman was trying to get into her own car at the time she was run down. The initial crash occurred on Thanksgiving Night as the suspect, Michael McBean, drove his white Mercedes into an SUV along Pennsylvania Ave. McBean then attempted to flee the scene of the accident and then struck a pedestrian in the process.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Kills Worker

One man was killed and another injured in a terrible construction accident in Manhattan on November 20th. The two men were part of a construction crew demolishing an older building in Midtown when the building collapsed on top of them, trapping them under tons of rubble. By the time crews were able to extract the two men, one man had already died.

Vicious Dog Attack in New York Claims Life of 9-Year-Old Girl

A young girl was killed by an unrestrained Pit Bull in a vicious dog attack in New York early this month. Three young girls were playing in the backyard of a residence in Elmont when the dog attacked the little girl. An adult in the house tried to fend off the dog with a broom but simply could not overcome the powerful animal.

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Shuts Down Lifts Across New York City

A terrifying elevator accident in Brooklyn which killed an Israeli man earlier this month has resulted in the shutdown of elevators across New York City. On October 2, 37-year old Eran Modan was crushed to death in an elevator accident in Williamsburg while visiting friends in a swanky apartment building. Modan attempted to exit an elevator after it stalled between floors and was killed when the lift suddenly dropped, pinning him between the floor and the ceiling of the elevator.

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Kills an Israeli Man

An elevator accident in Manhattan at a luxury apartment building claimed the life of a 37-year-old Israeli man early this month. Eran Modan was visiting friends in The Espoir building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, when the elevator he was riding in stalled between floors. Eran was attempting to crawl out of the elevator when the brakes failed and the car suddenly dropped, crushing him between the roof of the car and the floor. His friends were able to free him and attempted mouth-to-mouth resuscitation but Mr. Modan succumbed to his injuries before emergency service crews arrived.

Search Continues for Cause of Deadly Building Explosion in Brooklyn

The relative quiet of a Saturday afternoon was torn apart by a massive building explosion in Brooklyn. The three-story structure on 13th Avenue in Borough Park, Brooklyn, opened up just after 1 PM on October 3rd in a ball of flame and a cloud of deadly debris. Eyewitnesses report black smoke rolling out of the structure blotting out the sun and casting the street into a false night-like darkness. Over 200 firefighters rushed to the scene to battle the flames and search for survivors. Their efforts were hampered by the sheer devastation that shut down an entire city block.

Man Killed in MTA Bus Accident in the Bronx

A night out on the town to celebrate a promotion at work turned tragic for a young man earlier this month. 23-year old Louis Inoa was killed in a tragic MTA bus accident in the Bronx early on the morning of September 18th. He and a friend had been out celebrating and were on their way home in a livery cab when Inoa became ill. He asked the driver to stop and exited the vehicle into the street when a BX1 MTA bus came down Kingsbridge Avenue. Inoa was struck by the bus and was caught under the right rear wheel.

Deadly Construction Accident in Brooklyn Kills Young Man and Injures Two Others

A day on the job turned tragic for a young construction worker and two of his fellows earlier this month. 19-year-old Fernando Vanegas was crushed by a retaining wall when it collapsed at a jobsite in Brooklyn. The collapse also injured two other men who were taken to a nearby and are expected to make full recoveries.

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