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Premises Liability Accident in New York May Have Been Caused by Construction

Pedestrians narrowly avoided tragedy earlier this month when a heavy glass window fell from the fifth floor of a building in Manhattan on September 13th. The glass and a portion of the window frame came crashing down, just missing pedestrians on the sidewalk below by mere inches. But this isn't a typical premises liability accident. This premises liability accident in New York could have been caused in part by a construction crew.

Vicious Dog Attack in New York Claims Life of 9-Year-Old Girl

A young girl was killed by an unrestrained Pit Bull in a vicious dog attack in New York early this month. Three young girls were playing in the backyard of a residence in Elmont when the dog attacked the little girl. An adult in the house tried to fend off the dog with a broom but simply could not overcome the powerful animal.

Man Mauled in Vicious Dog Attack in the Bronx--Nearly Killed

A New York man was nearly killed earlier this month in a vicious dog attack in the Bronx. 62-year-old Francesco Bove was walking to church on Belmont Avenue early Friday Sept. 11 when two pit bulls burst free from their harnesses and attacked him. The dogs bit, clawed, and trampled him so badly that bystanders were sure he had been killed. In fact, the priest from Mount Carmel Church gave Bove Last Rites in case he succumbed to his injuries.

Shocking Pedestrian Accident in New York Ends With Woman Pinned Against Light Pole

A gruesome pedestrian accident in Manhattan nearly cost a woman her life early this month. The unidentified woman was walking along the sidewalk near the intersection of east 49th Street and Second Avenue when a Mercedes jumped the curb and smashed into her. The woman was pinned between the massive vehicle and a light post, her leg nearly severed by the impact.

Con Edison and NYC Could be Liable in East Harlem Building Collapse

Last year, a gas leak contributed to the horrific deaths of eight individuals in a pair of New York City apartment buildings. The explosion and resulting apartment fire in Harlem left people's lives shattered. Now, the results of a months-long federal investigation show that the explosion never would have happened had two gas delivery pipes been properly attached to each other and if New York City had properly repaired a known underground utility failure.

Woman Falls Through Sidewalk After Concrete Slab Collapses

New York City is rife with underground hazards. Because of the vast infrastructure below ground level, there are thousands of places across the City where thin metal grates or thin concrete slabs are all that stand between pedestrians and terrible falls. One such sidewalk accident in New York City could have claimed the life of a young woman last year. Thankfully, she escaped without major injury .

Who is Responsible for Sidewalk Accidents in New York?

Sidewalks are essential in New York, providing relatively safe havens for millions of pedestrians every day. But what happens when the sidewalks themselves become a hazard and who--if anyone--is responsible for sidewalk accidents in New York? The short answer to that question is usually the property owner provided the adjacent property is not multiple dwelling less than four families. For multiple dwellings less than four families, provided it is residential and owner occupied, it will be the City of New York. Generally speaking, the adjacent property owner or City is liable for the repair and maintenance of the sidewalks.

Are You Eligible for Compensation for Injury & Loss due to in Negligent Security in New York?

Negligent security accidents in New York can result in thousands of dollars in damages, extensive injuries, and even loss of life. But understanding this branch of premises law can be confusing.

Liability for Sidewalk Cellar Door Accidents

New York City sidewalks are notoriously hazardous. Cracked cement, potholes, icy patches - pedestrians can be at risk simply walking down the street. Of the many sidewalk hazards that exist, cellar doors are the cause of some of the most serious injuries.

Is Compensation Available for Injuries Sustained During Outdoor Recreational Activities?

One of the best kept secrets about living in New York is how easy it is to escape the crowds and enjoy the outdoors. The Northeast can be paradise for those who appreciate nature and like to engage in any number of outdoor sporting activities.

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