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Construction Accident in Manhattan Kills Worker

One man was killed and another injured in a terrible construction accident in Manhattan on November 20th. The two men were part of a construction crew demolishing an older building in Midtown when the building collapsed on top of them, trapping them under tons of rubble. By the time crews were able to extract the two men, one man had already died.

Commission Concludes Con Ed at Fault for Deadly Building Collapse

A new report released by the Public Service Commission places the blame for a deadly building collapse in Harlem last year squarely on the shoulders of Con Edison. The report says that the utility company was deficient in its duty to inspect and maintain the gas lines feeding buildings in the area and that a cracked joint led to a fiery explosion which leveled two residential buildings and killed several people last year.

Elevator Accident in Brooklyn Sends Man to Hospital

A Brooklyn man was seriously injured in an elevator accident in New York Monday. Paul Masdeau was travelling down in an elevator at 1 St. Paul's Ct. in Prospect Park South when the elevator car stalled inside the shaft. Stuck between the second and third floors, Masdeau called for help from inside the car before attempting to escape. Fearing for his life he tried to pry open the exterior elevator doors and ended up falling.

Construction Trench Collapse in New York Results in Manslaughter Charges

A construction trench collapse in New York that claimed the life of a 22-year old worker early this spring has resulted in manslaughter charges for two of the contracting companies that were in charge of the jobsite.

Construction Accident in Manhattan the Latest for Company with History of Safety Violations

Passersby were shocked by a spectacular construction accident in Manhattan late last month. A multi-ton crane toppled into the city street, crushing a NYPD van in the process. The massive tracked-vehicle, a "Casa Grande" drilling machine, was entering a construction site at West 30th Street and Sixth Avenue when the vehicle rocked backwards, nearly flipping over.

Window Washer Dies in Fall from Heights in New York

A tragic fall from heights accident in New York claimed the life of a young man on March 3rd in Tribeca. The young man was employed as a window washer and according to one eyewitness, when his hand slipped he plummeted to the street below, landing on the pavement.

Safety Sweep at job sites Around New York Finds Over 900 Violations

Last month, a major safety sweep conducted by the offices of the New York City buildings commissioner uncovered a disturbing amount of violations at construction and worksites around the city. Officials visited 90 job sites as part of the 2013 safety sting and were shocked to discover that the majority of the job sites had at least one safety violation while multiple violations were spotted at several others.

Help for Victims of Staircase Accidents in New York

Those of us living in New York City several years ago remember the harrowing incident of an 8-year-old boy injured when the staircase collapsed in his Park Slope, Brooklyn apartment building. The boy was standing in the interior stairwell of his 5-story building when several of the landings above him suddenly gave way.

Daycare Center Accidents - Accident or Neglect?

As a parent, you take great care to choose a daycare center that will keep your child safe. But even a thorough screening and review of a daycare's credentials cannot guarantee that the staff will perform their duties diligently at all times. And when daycare centers are negligent, the results can be heartbreaking.

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