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Construction Workers Killed in Queens Accident

A tragic construction accident in New York City has claimed the lives of two workers at a jobsite in Queens. The individuals were crushed by a 6,500 pound steel beam that fell as it was being lifted by a crane. The first victim, 47-year old George Smith, was operating the crane. The second man, 43-year old Alessandro Ramos, was working as Smith's signal person at the time of the accident.

Fatal Scaffolding Accident in New York Claims Life of Contractor

Every day in New York City, hundreds of construction workers are working high above the city streets on thin strips of scaffolding held up by a few bolts and metal cables. Most of the time nothing goes wrong, but when it does, these scaffolding accidents in New York can turn dangerous and deadly in a heartbeat.

Subway Accident in Brooklyn Kills 1 Worker and Injures Another

Two MTA workers were struck by a subway train in Brooklyn earlier this week while performing special track maintenance. This New York City subway accident claimed the life of one of the individuals and left the other victim in the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

Improper Safety Gear Contributed to Fatal Construction Accident in Manhattan

The hardworking individuals who build our vertical city put their lives on the line every day high above city streets. That's a fact that one family learned the hard way last month when the owner of a glass installation company fell 47 stories to his death in a tragic construction accident in Manhattan.

1/3 of Fatal Construction Accidents in New York City Weren't Officially Counted

An investigative journalist writing for Crain's New York Business has uncovered a major loophole in how construction accidents in New York City are officially recorded. The investigation tracked accidents that occurred in New York City during 2015. By comparing the actual number of fatalities to those listed in official Department of Buildings' reports, the journalist discovered a shocking difference. The conclusion of the report was that a third (33%) of fatal construction accidents went unreported.

Construction Accident in New York Sends Three Workers to Hospital

An early morning construction accident in New York City sent three construction workers to local hospitals suffering from serious, life-threatening injuries. The men were working on a jobsite in Brooklyn-near the Gowanus Expressway-around 9AM on May 9th when tragedy struck. That's when a massive steel plate fell from above and struck all three of them.

Mayor Takes Steps to Prevent Future Construction Accidents in New York

After the fatal crane accident in Manhattan that killed a passerby and injured three, Mayor Bill De Blasio and Buildings Department Commissioner Rick Chandler promised stricter regulations for construction companies in light of the recent construction accidents in New York City.

Terrifying Scaffolding Accident In New York Leaves Construction Workers Hanging from Rooftop

Scaffolding accidents in New York City are becoming more and more common as the city undergoes yet another construction boom. Critics say that a lack of oversight and the perceived need by contractors to cut corners in order to meet schedules and budgets has put construction workers at unnecessary risk. Improper fall protection procedures, broken or missing equipment, poor maintenance, and negligence can all lead to deadly or near-deadly scaffolding accidents in New York.

Elevator Accident in New York Claims the Life of a Worker in Manhattan

A tragic elevator accident in New York City has claimed the life of an elevator contracting company employee at the half-built Riu Hotel in Manhattan at 301 W. 46th St. near Eighth Ave. The man, identified as Christian Ginesi, plummeted from the 24th floor when the elevator he was working on stalled. Reports from eyewitnesses on the scene say Ginesi tried to jump from the elevator to safety but slipped and fell down the shaft.

Construction Accident in Brooklyn Claims the life of 50-Year Old Worker

A construction accident in Brooklyn has claimed the life of a 50-year old worker in Brighton Beach. The man fell six stories (though some reports say only four) from the top of a building under construction at 360 Neptune Avenue. He was declared dead at the scene and an investigation into the accident was immediately begun.

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