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New York City Civil Rights Attorneys

New York state and federal laws protect people who have had their civil rights violated by police officers, employers, correction officers and other government authorities. If you feel that you have had your rights abused, it is important to speak with an attorney who is experienced at handling cases where a client’s constitutional rights have been violated.

At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, our firm can help you if you have experienced a violation of your civil rights. We can provide legal advice and aggressive representation that you can feel confident about, and we will work hard for the compensation to which you are entitled.

No one should put up with discrimination, excessive force and other unfair treatment. You should be compensated for any infringement on your rights. The police do not have an absolute right to use excessive force. We are here to make sure these infractions are brought to light and justice is done.

Contact us to discuss your situation and the recovery process during a free consultation. Call our office at 212-385-1122or toll free at 888-391-8546 to speak with a New York City civil rights lawyer.

We are experienced at handling cases involving:

We will hold the guilty parties responsible for their actions and seek fair compensation for their improper conduct. It is important to hold our jails, prisons and public safety officials to the highest standard and to ensure that our liberties are not trampled.

Brooklyn Police Brutality Lawyers

Speak with an experienced attorney at our firm about your rights as soon as possible if you feel they have been violated. Call our office toll free at 888-391-8546 to schedule a free consultation.

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