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New York City Paralysis Attorneys

Representation Throughout New York: Manhattan Quadriplegia Lawyer

Accident victims who must press on without the use and control of their bodies face almost inexpressible challenges. Paralysis victims’ loved ones must also cope with immense grief, loss and often overwhelming financial pressure.

Although no amount of financial compensation can truly address the damages suffered by someone permanently confined to a wheelchair or care facility, your choice of an attorney in this situation can be a pivotal one.

Targeting Financial Compensation To Address Lifelong Needs And Costs

At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, our New York City paralysis lawyers have the knowledge and resources to build the best case possible for a monetary recovery that addresses:

  • Compensation for the injuries sustained in the accident
  • Replacement of lost wages
  • The extensive unpaid expenses for medical treatment and long hospital stay necessary after a life-changing accident that causes quadriplegia or paraplegia
  • Ongoing professional in-home or institutional care if necessary
  • Quality rehabilitation services from specialized providers, often focused on emotional as well as physical needs
  • Replacement of lost wages based on current and projected future earning capacity
  • Purchase of adaptive equipment that may dramatically improve life options and independence, ranging from a specially modified van to advanced computer technology for controlling household devices

Comprehensive Investigation And Case Building On Your Behalf

In addition to thoroughly investigating your accident and proving negligence on the part of whoever (or whatever company) caused it, your personal injury lawyer must be committed to presenting a comprehensive life care plan to insurers, or to a judge and jury if your injury case ultimately goes all the way to trial. We have strong, mutually beneficial relationships with specialized professionals in this field.

If you are seeking skilled New York City paralysis lawyers who will engage closely with your family and give their all in the effort to earn compensation that makes a real difference in your life, please contact us now at 888-391-8546 or by email. Our work together can begin with a free consultation, and you will take no added financial risk if we are able to pursue your case.

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