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Legal Advocacy For Catastrophic Or Serious Injury Resulting From Falling Trees Or Limbs

You may think it’s rare but being struck by falling tree branches in New York City is a very real danger. In fact, in the first seven months in 2013, 12 people were struck by falling tree branches in New York City, several of them killed (including a mother and her unborn child). Over the last three years, the average number of people struck by falling tree limbs in New York City streets and parks has increased from under one per month to almost two per month.

Falling tree branch accidents are dangerous because individuals are often hit in the head, which can result in a serious injury and even permanent brain damage.

Brooklyn Falling Tree Limb Law Firm

While the city of New York has been found responsible for tree limb-related injuries in the past, they don’t settle without a fight. In fact, the city’s lawyers are awfully good at calling such accidents “acts of God” and getting judges and juries to agree. But if there is an element of negligence (such as an overlooked warning or failure to respond to a public complaint), a qualified attorney can successfully get you the compensation you’re entitled to.

City-owned trees causing injury or death may be due to one or several of the following factors:

  • An inconsistent city system of tree inspections, preventive maintenance and due diligent care
  • Rotting or diseased trees neglected by the city
  • Untrained city workers not identifying possible dangers
  • City tree maintenance being delayed in order to save costs
  • Lack of a mandated city tree maintenance program

We Are Here To Help

We will carefully evaluate the circumstances surrounding the city-owned tree accident and determine the legal remedies you are entitled to pursue. We will provide guidance and counsel, never losing sight of your plight, while seeking maximum compensation you are entitled to.

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