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Sidewalk Cellar Door Accidents

Accidents arising from pedestrians tripping over and falling through the cellar doors can be very serious. Accidents can also arise from hardware embedded in cellar doors. Although cellar door accidents are not as common as slip-and-fall accidents on sidewalks, the injuries that result can be even more devastating.

What Makes A Cellar Door Defective And Dangerous?

The New York Department of Transportation (NYDOT) defines defective cellar doors as “(t) hose that deflect greater than one (1) inch when walked on, are not skid resistant or are otherwise in a dangerous or unsafe condition.” Although NYDOT has issued the definition of defective cellar doors, it is the owners of properties with sidewalk cellar doors that are liable for any pedestrian trips, falls or bicycle injuries caused by defective or improperly constructed cellar doors.

Liability In Cellar Door Sidewalk Injury Cases

Property owners may be held liable for injuries when the cellar doors are ½ inch above or below the surrounding surface. Cellar door owners and those who make special use of cellar doors may also be found liable for injuries caused by protruding, defective or dangerous hardware used in the cellar door. Liability against these owners may also be established when the doors are left open but are concealed from the public.

Legal remedies are available for sidewalk cellar door accident victims. An experienced personal injury attorney can help map out the appropriate legal course to take for injuries caused by cellar doors or their hardware. The attorney will fully investigate the cause of the accident, and identify the owner and user of the cellar door, insuring the best possible result.

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