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NYC Forklift Accident Attorney

Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens And Manhattan Warehouse Injury Lawyer

Forklifts are such commonly used pieces of equipment on construction sites, in warehouses and factories, on loading docks and in other industrial locations that the risks associated with their use are often forgotten. Forklifts are steel vehicles that often weigh several thousand pounds and are used to bear loads twice their own weight. When someone is hit by a forklift or dropped load, for example, impact injuries, crush injuries and other consequences can be devastating.

Full Investigation After Forklift Run Overs, Dropped Loads And Other Accidents

Although workers on job sites are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits, serious forklift accidents often call for investigation and analysis by an experienced personal injury lawyer. A qualified NYC forklift accident lawyer at our firm can determine whether someone other than your employer was negligent and can be held responsible for an accident such as:

  • A forklift running into you or pinning you against a wall
  • A dropped forklift load or forklift tip over due to overloading, improper loading, instability or equipment failure
  • A fall due to the improper use of a forklift as an elevation device to lift workers rather than materials
  • Forklift malfunctions and lack of protective guarding, often due to inadequate basic maintenance

In many cases over the past career of 24-plus years, our skilled investigators and trial attorneys have determined that subcontractors and other parties on job sites were responsible for negligence. We consider all potential causes such as the failures to properly train equipment operators, provide essential safety equipment, and maintain a safe work site and work equipment.

Counsel And Action From Proven Job Accident Lawyers: 888-391-8546

If you have been seriously hurt in a New York City forklift accident, it is essential to consider all legal options that could help you obtain compensation for medical expenses and pain and suffering, replace lost wages while you cannot work, and deal with other significant costs.

Fast action is critical to preserve evidence and secure eyewitness testimony that supports your claim. We encourage you to contact us now at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel for caring legal counsel and strong representation.

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