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New York City Fall-Through-Floor Injury Lawyer

Brooklyn Construction Roof Collapse Attorney

Of the many hazards on construction sites, some of the most severe accidents and injuries involve the use of weak or unstable temporary flooring during construction or demolition. Holes created to throw down debris and other unmarked openings are also extremely dangerous for workers. A fall to the next level or ground below can cause life-changing, career-ending harm or even a tragic wrongful death.

Dedication, skill and compassion have been hallmarks of our law practice since 1987, and these traits are integral to our work for victims and their families after construction accidents. At our firm, you will work closely with a lawyer who has in-depth knowledge of New York labor law, third-party negligence claims after many types of construction accidents and other issues that may be critical in your quest for all the compensation you need and deserve.

Victimized By Shifting Temporary Floorboards? Fall Through An Unmarked Hole?

Our professional legal team stands ready to respond to your call and move quickly to investigate an accident such as any ceiling collapse or a fall:

  • Through a temporary floor created without sufficient supporting beams to allow plumbing installation or other work
  • Caused by failure to nail down plywood sheets, allowing shifting and instability
  • Through an unmarked or improperly marked opening cut to allow workers to throw down debris
  • Through any other “convenience” hole that may be covered by construction materials or otherwise not clearly visible to the construction worker

Count On Our Experience With Complex Building And Demolition Claims

Workers’ compensation insurance may not be your only source of recovery after a fall accident on a construction site. In fact, if we determine that someone other than your employer was negligent, a personal injury lawsuit may have much greater monetary value for supporting you and your family.

If your case calls for a New York City fall-through-floor injury attorney with extensive experience taking action against building owners, general contractors and others whose negligence causes construction injuries, a call to our firm is the right choice. We offer a free consultation to discuss what happened and advise you of your legal rights.

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