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Why Hire A Premises Liability Lawyer?

Only An Experienced Attorney Can Evaluate Whether You Have A Case

While most people are aware that a personal injury lawsuit may be possible after a serious sidewalk or building accident, they do not know what specific laws apply and what makes a valid claim. In fact, many clients we counsel and represent know only where they were injured, but not the real cause or who should be held responsible. Only a qualified, well-trained lawyer can properly assess what happened and answer these critical questions.

Although it is fundamentally true that New York property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions on their property, premises liability is a very complex area of the law. For nearly 25 years, we at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel have successfully handled many cases arising from falls, accidents in stores, dog bites, attacks enabled by negligent security and other injuries on dangerous property.

Wide-Ranging Premises Liability Knowledge And Proven Analytical Skill

Premises liability claims are a clear strength of our law firm, and our track record of success for injured clients is no accident. We are committed to moving quickly and diligently performing all aspects of necessary investigation and legal analysis, in order to:

  • Preserve the accident scene and evidence of an unsafe condition to the greatest possible extent
  • Locate any available witnesses or video that may help us in determining the exact cause of your accident
  • Carefully apply current New York premises liability law to determine whether you have a viable cause of action
  • Ascertain precisely who can be held responsible for your accident and injuries, as well as what types of insurance coverage apply to your case

Whether you were injured on a defective New York City sidewalk, in an apartment complex, retail store or elsewhere, you can turn to us for sound counsel and a sincere, all-out effort to help you recover maximum compensation. Attorney Nussin S. Fogel understands the many nuances of these challenging cases, covering issues ranging from snow and ice removal to whether a defect existed long enough for the property owner to address it.

Calling Now Could Make The Difference For Your Future: 888-391-8546

There is no substitute for experienced legal counsel if you have been hurt on someone’s dangerous property. At our long-standing Manhattan-based law firm, you will benefit from dedicated personal attention, beginning with a free consultation.

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