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New York City Toxic Exposure Attorneys

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens And Manhattan Chemical Exposure Injury Lawyer

Exposure to toxic chemicals is a constant risk for many people working in construction, demolition and industrial trades, among other jobs. Whether due to a sudden explosion, another type of industrial accident or inhalation of fumes over time, the consequences are often life-changing, and it is essential to consider whether you have legal recourse beyond filing a workers’ compensation claim.

Investigating On-The-Job Fires and Explosions, Chemical Spills And Other Accidents

Our legal team at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel emphasizes thorough investigation into the causes of work injuries. Our attorneys will work with industry experts, medical professionals and others as necessary to analyze your potential claim involving:

  • Respiratory problems, carbon monoxide poisoning and other severe health issues from smoke inhalation due to an industrial fire, explosion or leak
  • Disabling effects of various forms of toxic exposure on a building demolition job, including vision loss or breathing ailments caused by lack of protection from dust and debris
  • Immediate and long-term health problems related to a chemical spill in a factory or warehouse, sometimes due to careless use of a forklift or failure to properly seal chemical drums and containers
  • Another form of exposure to hazardous gases, fumes, dust or vapors — with consequences ranging from brain and nervous system damage to organ failure

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We focus on the pursuit of valid claims and lawsuits that restore the overall well-being of our injured clients and their families to the greatest possible extent. Our investigative, negotiation and trial skills are proven, and we offer a free initial consultation including an honest assessment of whether you have a valid claim and whether ours is the right firm to handle it.

If your potential case calls for investigation by responsive, resourceful New York City toxic exposure lawyers experienced in investigating many types of job sites and exposing industrial negligence, please contact us now.

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