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Underground Explosion Accidents

Underground Explosion Accidents in New York City

There are hundreds of miles of steam pipes, gas lines, water and sewage lines and electrical conduits running beneath New York City streets. Some of this infrastructure is over 150 years old. When improperly inspected, repaired, or maintained, these pipes and conduits can leak, burst, ignite and cause underground explosions in New York City. Those explosions can result in serious injury or even death for unsuspecting victims who get caught in the blast.

What Do These Underground Pipes and Conduits Fail?


These underground pipes and conduits corrode, crumble, and deteriorate over time. Many of the water, sewer, gas and steam pipes and structures beneath our feet are already 100 years old or older.


Construction dramatically increases the potential for a deadly gas leak, steam pipe explosion, or electrical conduit break. Heavy machinery, earth movement, and careless operators who dig without knowing what’s underneath can quickly create potentially deadly conditions.

“Ground Movement”

Heavy traffic flow, pedestrian traffic and subway trains are reasons why the ground under street level can shift and eventually cause a break in the underground electrical conduit and water, sewer, gas or steam pipes. These failures can cause pipes to burst or underground explosions in New York.

Improper Repairs

Shoddy repairs can lead to deadly gas line explosions in New York City. But that’s not the only risk. When sewer and water pipes leak, they can create what’s called a “water hammer” which creates lethal steam pipe explosions. If electrical conduits fail, short circuits and burned out transformers can spark underground fires cause the buildup of explosive and/or toxic gases.

You Need a New York City Underground Explosion Attorney in New York

With so many potential at fault parties (utility companies, City of New York, private construction companies), you need an experienced New York City underground explosion attorney on your side to insure you get the compensation you deserve. The legal professionals at The Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel have been helping victims of these terrible tragedies recover for years. If you’ve been injured due to an underground explosion, contact us today. Call  212-385-1122 to schedule your free consultation.

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