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Holes And Depressions In Sidewalks

At first glance, holes and depressions in the sidewalks may seem harmless. However, like uneven or broken sidewalks, these conditions can cause serious injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians and bicyclists. Sidewalk accidents occur countless times in New York City and holes and depressions in sidewalks are especially deceiving. The unsuspecting victim of a slip-and-fall accident or bicycle crash many times do not realize the danger until it’s too late.

In the past, it was more difficult to establish negligence when seeking compensation for injuries caused by sidewalk holes and depressions. However, the law in New York was changed, requiring legal actions to be pursued against private owners of offices, apartment buildings, and other commercial buildings. In addition, owners of apartment buildings consisting of more than three family dwellings may also be liable. These building owners — not the city — are solely responsible for maintaining and repairing sidewalks adjoining their property. In most cases, the city is responsible for sidewalks adjoining buildings with one, two, or three residential units.

Legal Remedies For Injuries Caused By Defective Sidewalks

A legal remedy may be available to you if you have suffered an injury caused by holes or depressions in a sidewalk adjoining a commercial building, or a residential building that has three or more apartments. A personal injury attorney can assist in pursuing a claim for your injuries and losses.

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