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New York City Amputation Injury Attorney

A Proven Firm In Manhattan: Loss Of Limb Lawyers You Can Trust

As a caring, cohesive New York legal team that has successfully represented many victims of serious car, truck and other roadway accidents, as well as construction and other job accidents, we are familiar with the tremendous challenges faced by people who suffer amputation injuries.

Any such injury — whether involving lost fingers, a hand, arm or other body part — demands extensive medical treatment and major life adjustments. Led by respected 24-year advocate for the injured Nussin S. Fogel, our firm is an outstanding resource for people who suffer dismemberment in accidents or require surgical amputation afterward.

Working Diligently To Assess All Current Damages And Future Care Costs

We work on a personal and practical level with each client and his or her family, seeking financial compensation that can help restore stability and confidence as well as the greatest achievable physical care. In an amputation injury case, this goes beyond proving fault for an accident. We will:

  • Work closely with doctors in order to properly characterize all injuries and losses of function
  • Communicate with prosthetic experts who have insight into the arduous nature of setting a prosthesis for the patient, the levels of temporary and long-term pain involved, and the likelihood of the need for future replacement
  • Work with rehabilitation and vocational specialists who can effectively characterize the economic and overall life challenges either a child or adult will face due to amputation

Work With A Law Firm Focused On Your Lasting Well-Being: 888-391-8546

Our attorneys’ case experience reaches across the spectrum of catastrophic injury claims. We have obtained numerous sizable out-of-court settlements and verdicts at trial for our clients through diligence in investigation and comprehensive case building. Our mission in such cases centers on earning compensation sufficient to restore our client’s quality of life to the greatest possible extent.

If your case calls for a skilled New York City amputation injury lawyer who will put your needs and your family first, please request a free consultation today.

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