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New York City Department Store Accident Lawyer

Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens And The Bronx Retail Store Fall Injury Attorneys

No one expects to be hurt on a shopping trip, but department stores throughout the five boroughs are common locations for accidents and injuries. People fall on slippery floors that should have been cleaned up or properly marked, and others fall over tripping hazards. Sometimes improperly stacked or stored merchandise falls and seriously injures a shopper.

Decades Of Experience Accurately Evaluating Claims Like Yours

Applying nearly 25 years of experience working for the injured, Nussin S. Fogel is a New York City department store accident attorney you can count on to take your potential injury claim seriously and properly apply premises liability law. We encourage you to get in touch with us as quickly as possible, so that we can launch an investigation that may include:

  • Collecting photographic or video evidence and witness testimony to show that an unsafe condition caused your injuries
  • Thoroughly documenting the serious nature of your fall or impact injuries in order to properly evaluate your premises liability claim
  • Addressing all relevant issues of fault, liability and proper warning that may determine your ability to obtain a favorable insurance settlement or verdict at trial

Taking Action For Victims Of Slip-And-Fall, Trip-And-Fall And Falling Merchandise Accidents

Whether you were injured in a fall on a slippery floor, by merchandise falling from a high shelf or in another type of department store accident, only a qualified attorney can determine whether you have a legitimate claim or lawsuit. Experienced lawyer Nussin S. Fogel provides extensive personal attention to each client we counsel and represent.

After a department store accident, the single most important thing to do is seek the medical attention you need. Too often, injured people initially believe they will recover on their own but find later that they have lasting injuries that require surgery or extensive rehabilitation. If possible, it is also valuable to take photos of the scene and get contact information for any witnesses.

Our professional legal team is committed to holding negligent retail property owners accountable when their customers suffer preventable injuries. For a free consultation focused on your accident, your needs and your legal rights, contact us as soon as possible by calling 888-391-8546.

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