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New York state labor law, enacted to protect workers engaged in construction, demolition and excavation, is very powerful in its imposition of absolute liability on building owners and general contractors for many types of accidents, regardless of fault. Some of the most important, very specific and technical protections are contained in Sections 200, 240 and 241.

After an injury-causing accident, proving that a building owner and/or general contractor violated any aspect of the law can lead to that party being held strictly liable for damages. This leaves only valuation of the damages and appropriate compensation for them as matters for negotiation or argument.

Your Case May Call For In-Depth Familiarity With Key Sections Of NY Labor Law

Some of the most significant and frequently cited sections of New York state labor law covering the construction industry include:

  • Section 200, codifying common law covering supervision and responsibility by imposing liability on owners and general contractors who are actively participating in the work for failing to provide a safe workplace
  • Section 240, imposing very specific requirements for scaffolding, ladders, temporary and permanent platforms, and other equipment used in work at elevation — and also covering objects that fall from heights
  • Section 241, requiring the building owner and general contractor to take all reasonable safety measures to protect workers during construction, excavation or demolition activities — including assuring that work areas are constructed, equipped, guarded, operated, and conducted to provide adequate safety and protection
  • Industrial Code Rule No. 23, covering in great detail responsible parties’ obligations involving shoring, bracing, trenching, lighting, hand tools, power equipment, protective gear such as goggles and gloves, clearing of debris, maintenance of walkways and hundreds of other facets of construction work

Ultimately, what you most need to know as an injured worker or surviving family member is that only an experienced construction accident lawyer will have the training and knowledge to determine your rights under applicable laws. Proven New York labor law lawyer Nussin S. Fogel’s commitment and success in this area is evident in several of our past recoveries and current cases of interest.

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However your accident occurred, your future and ability to support your family may be on the line. At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, we will treat your case accordingly — always with the recognition that we are working on behalf of a real person, not just a client. For a free consultation to discuss your construction accident and your legal rights to fair and just compensation, contact our law firm today.

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