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New York City Reckless SemiTruck Driver Accident Lawyers

Brooklyn Delivery Truck Accident Attorney

Driving a commercial vehicle in the New York City metro is a demanding job, and there are certainly times when truck drivers must struggle to keep control and composure. However, these drivers must always remember that their trucks are lethal weapons and that overly aggressive driving maneuvers put others’ lives and health at serious risk.

Were You Injured In A Tailgating Accident Or By Other Reckless Driving?

Faced with the pressures of navigating big-city traffic on constant deadlines, semi and delivery truck operators sometimes drive as if traffic laws do not apply to them. Drivers of ordinary passenger vehicles can be killed or catastrophically injured in an instant by truckers who:

  • Run red lights, stop signs or yield signs
  • Exceed speed limits
  • Tailgate other vehicles — even though their trucks require far greater stopping distance than a passenger car or truck to avoid rear-end collisions
  • Make sudden and otherwise unsafe lane changes, cutting other drivers off or forcing them off the roadway
  • Allow “road rage” to get the best of them and try to intimidate other drivers

Investigating All Types Of Negligence That May Have Caused Your Crash

Although commercial drivers are held to somewhat higher licensing standards and traffic violations can put their livelihoods at risk, aggressive driving is rarely ticketed until an accident occurs — and often not even then. Proving that a trucker’s aggressive driving or other negligence caused your crash may require extensive investigation of the scene. Maximizing your recovery may also require research into whether the trucking company failed to properly monitor the driver or violated relevant laws and regulations.

When considering New York City reckless semitruck driver accident attorneys, know that you can depend on proven trial lawyer Nussin S. Fogel to consider all angles on your case, including holding a trucking company accountable for negligent hiring and training if that company put a known dangerous driver on the road.

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