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New York City Workplace Injury Attorney

Helping Injured New York Workers Recover And Support Their Families

Workplace safety should be a priority for employers, contractors and building owners regardless of the specific work environment.

If you have suffered a significant on-the-job injury, you will be able to get some needed financial support from the New York State Uninsured Employers Fund even if your employer does not carry worker’s compensation insurance. But these benefits go only so far, and it may be critical to discuss your case with an experienced New York City workplace injury lawyer.

Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens Third-Party Liability Claims Lawyer

We know how to apply the relevant laws, and we investigate work injury claims rigorously. In many of our cases, it is only through our investigation that the cause of a construction accident, forklift accident, factory injury, fall on dangerous property or other serious event is revealed.

Successful job injury claims against general contractors, building owners and other responsible parties who are not the injured person’s employer always require proof that:

  • Unsafe conditions existed on the job site — such as improperly installed equipment, a slippery floor, torn or loose carpeting, an unmarked obstacle or improperly trained workers.
  • Injuries the worker suffered had serious consequences such as medical expenses, loss of income and out-of-pocket expenses, resulting in substantial financial burdens and emotional or other damages.

Turn To Our Firm After A Serious On-the Job Accident: 888-391-8546

We are here to help construction, office and factory workers, truck drivers, delivery personnel, members of cleaning crews and others hurt in everyday workplace environments. Simply stated, a serious work injury calls for a thorough investigation, and the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel can provide exactly that.

If you need proven legal counsel in support of your workers’ compensation claim, we can direct you to a qualified workers’ comp attorney. If you have a valid claim against someone other than your employer, we will prepare your case for the best possible result, whether by out-of-court settlement or trial. We make it our business to handle the legal side, so that you can focus on your health and family after a job accident.

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