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NYC Defective Tool Injury Lawyer

Manhattan Unsafe Equipment Accident Attorney

On construction sites and a wide range of other job locations all throughout the five boroughs of New York City, workers depend on all their equipment to be properly designed and maintained. For a worker in any industrial setting or maintenance job, an equipment failure or tool defect can be work-ending, life-changing or even fatal.

Depending on many circumstances surrounding your own or a loved one’s severe injury, workers’ compensation insurance may not be your only viable source of financial support. Work injury cases that justify claims against building owners and general contractors under New York labor law, as well as against negligent subcontractors, are a significant focus for our attorneys and staff at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel.

Proven Lawyers For Workers Injured In Falls And Struck By Flying Objects

Our decades of experience advocating successfully for working people have included successful handling of numerous cases that hinged on our ability to prove a tool or piece of equipment provided to our client was unsafe. Our capabilities extend across the spectrum of:

  • Ladder and scaffolding injuries caused by structural weakness, broken components, improper seating and a range of other causes
  • Injuries from the impact of falling objects, often due to breakage of a structurally unsound block and tackle or the malfunction of a front loader, forklift or other lifting device
  • Injuries caused by defective power tools such as nail guns, power saws and welding rods
  • A full range of other tool and equipment malfunctions that causes serious injury and call for legal action against some party other than the injured person’s employer, such as a building or other property owner, general contractor or subcontractor

Recovering Compensation For Job Injury Victims Since 1987

The risks associated with failing to provide safe tools and equipment to workers would be difficult to overstate. Our lawyers have represented workers suffering from severe head and brain injuries, spinal cord injuries leading to paralysis, vision or hearing loss, burn injuries and many other injuries requiring extensive medical care and preventing them from earning income.

To discuss how you were injured free of charge with a proven NYC defective tool injury attorney, call 888-391-8546 now or send us a brief email describing your needs.

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