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New York City Broken Bone Injury Attorneys

Queens, The Bronx, Brooklyn And Manhattan Bone Fracture Lawyer

While broken bones are common outcomes of many types of accidents, from falls on dangerous property to car wrecks and a wide range of construction site accidents, it would be incorrect to generalize about their seriousness. There are hundreds of possible bone breaks and thousands of combinations with other injuries and effects, and people heal and recover differently according to age and many other factors.

The amount of compensation awarded for broken bones in personal injury cases varies dramatically, and the experience and diligence of your lawyer can make a tremendous difference for you. It is very important not to accept an insurance settlement too quickly, before the long-term effects of fractures and surgery are fully known.

Decades Of Experience Valuing And Pursuing Orthopedic Injury Claims

While a young person with a “clean fracture” might recover completely in four to six weeks, for example, someone with compound fractures and surrounding tissue damage might never recover his or her full range of motion. For elderly people, surgical repair of broken bones may be too risky, and their activities can be permanently curtailed. People who do physical work sometimes cannot return to the same job after suffering fractures.

At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel in New York City, we have represented people of all ages who were injured in many types of accidents over the past two-plus decades. Our attorneys have extensive insight into factors impacting the value of your broken bone injury case, including:

  • Whether you suffered a broken hand, wrist, arm, foot, leg (fibula, tibia or femur), ribs, hip, facial bones or other bones
  • How the injury and recovery time will affect your ability to work, complete other necessary life tasks, and enjoy recreational activities as you did before your accident
  • Whether you also have nerve and tendon injuries, may suffer residual weakness, or is affected by life-changing conditions such as chronic regional pain syndrome (CRPS) or reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD)

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Whatever the exact cause and nature of your injuries, we will investigate the accident, analyze all current and future damages, and offer legal counsel in your best interests. For a free consultation with one of our New York City broken bone injury lawyers, please call or email our offices as soon as possible.

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