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New York City Truck Driver Fatigue Accident Attorney

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Operating a semi, delivery truck or other large commercial vehicle requires the driver’s entire focus and attention. Exhausted and groggy truck drivers pose an unacceptable risk to others on the road, and this is why specific federal and state laws limit how long and how often commercial drivers are allowed to be behind the wheel.

Trucking companies and truckers themselves often violate these laws governing road hours in the name of on-time delivery and cost control. If an accident occurs, they may go to extreme lengths to falsify records and hide any evidence of this serious negligence.

Thorough, Resourceful Investigation To Prepare The Best Case for You

Truck driver fatigue is one of many potential causes we will always consider when investigating and reconstructing a trucking accident. Exposing it may require tracking the truck driver’s activities via driver logs, company records, electronic tracking devices, transaction records and witness accounts. In investigating and preparing your case, we will:

  • Follow up on any known indicators of possible driver fatigue or intoxication — such as failure to brake in time, allowing the truck to drift across lanes, or overcorrecting and causing a rollover
  • Review truck driver logbooks, electronic data and other records to prove the driver’s time behind the wheel was excessive
  • Bring in accident reconstruction experts, trucking industry experts or others if needed to analyze the crash and help prepare your case for maximum compensation
  • Consider trucking company negligence that may have caused or contributed to your accident, such as failure to maintain safe vehicles, allow proper rest breaks for drivers, perform driver background checks and train drivers in accordance with industry regulations

Protecting Your Interests And Future After A New York Truck Accident

We know that you may be hospitalized or grieving for a loved one after an accident involving a large truck. You can depend on our professional legal team to protect your interests relentlessly. We will target the maximum possible financial recovery to address your immediate and long-term needs.

If your case calls for a New York City truck driver fatigue accident lawyer able to represent your interests at trial, you will have proven attorney Nussin S. Fogel on your side. To initiate an accident investigation and benefit from a free consultation on your legal options, call us anytime at 888-391-8546.

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