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New York City Vision Loss Lawyer

Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Manhattan Hearing Impairment Attorneys

As a long-standing, dedicated legal resource for people injured in New York auto accidents, on-the-job accidents and other serious events, our entire professional team has gained a genuine understanding of the day-to-day problems faced by anyone rendered blind, deaf, vision-impaired or hearing-impaired.

We know that the life adjustments required of people with vision loss or hearing loss are far-reaching and complex. Your potential case will receive focused attention from a caring, experienced lawyer when you choose to contact our firm.

Assessing the Total Impact of Someone’s Negligence on Your Life and Future

Our New York City vision and hearing loss attorneys are committed to thoroughly investigating your accident to determine and prove another party’s negligence. We work closely with our seriously injured clients and their family members to learn and understand the total impact of vision and hearing impairments on their lives, including any:

  • Inability to continue working in your current field, or perhaps inability to pursue any employment
  • Need for costly surgery, other medical procedures, rehabilitation and adaptive equipment as part of your effort to regain the greatest possible quality of life
  • The need for emotional counseling if you suffer from depression and anxiety that often affects people who suffer loss of sensory capabilities

Turn to Determined Negotiators and Skilled New York Trial Lawyers

Our firm’s track record of success in serious injury cases includes sizable recoveries for victims of major car accidents, car-truck collisions, many different types of construction accidents, and injuries caused by defective tools and equipment.

However your vision or hearing damage occurred, we are committed to seeking all compensation available to help you adjust and move forward with hope for the future — whether that requires extensive out-of-court settlement negotiations or a trial in a New York civil court.

Whether you suffered hearing loss in an industrial explosion, a family member lost his or her eyesight in a catastrophic car wreck, or your life has been altered by any other type of negligence-related accident, you can turn to an empathetic, experienced lawyer at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel for help. We will provide a free case evaluation and represent you on a contingency basis if you have a valid claim.

Our Practice Areas

Our Practice Areas