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False Arrest/False Imprisonment

When Police Have Committed False Arrest

At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, we do not limit our representation to people who have been injured in car accidents, construction accidents and various types of premises liability cases. In addition, we represent individuals who have suffered harm because of wrongdoing on the part of the New York Police Department.

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Some of our clients have been arrested or imprisoned or improperly held for unreasonably long periods of time for even the most trivial reasons. Clients of ours have been wrongfully arrested or imprisoned for the following reasons:

  • The police arrest and detain people simply because the officer did not like the person or what he or she said in response to a question
  • A stale warrant for your arrest was never corrected
  • Driving a car that was reported stolen in another state without any idea that the used vehicle you bought was stolen property
  • Having a similar name as an offender that the police were seeking
  • Failure by authorities to pay attention to a difference in Social Security numbers or physical appearance

Our lawyers are ready to evaluate your case and go to bat on your behalf.

After You Have Suffered From False Arrest Or False Imprisonment By Police

To work with an attorney who will handle your case personally and work hard on your behalf after a New York City civil rights violation caused by false arrest or imprisonment by the NYPD, contact the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel. Schedule a consultation by phone or email.

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