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New York City Rear-End Collision Lawyer

Brooklyn Rear-End Car Accident Attorney With Decades Of Experience

Throughout the five boroughs of New York City, rear-end collisions occur every day, with consequences ranging from relatively minor vehicle damage to life-changing injuries. Establishing liability and obtaining fair compensation after a rear-end crash injury occurs can be more complex than is commonly recognized, and we at the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel have handled many such cases and helped many accident victims recover.

Overly aggressive and distracted driving cause many rear-end collisions, and there is a basic assumption that fault lies with the driver who hit the other vehicle from behind. It is a basic rule of the road to maintain safe following distance and be prepared to stop.

However, insurance companies often defend these cases and push for quick, low settlements by claiming that a “short stop” left the trailing driver no time to react. It is also common to describe the crash as a “low-impact” accident and minimize the seriousness of victims’ injuries.

Counsel And Action For People With Painful, Serious Injuries

The most common injuries suffered in rear-end collisions are neck and back injuries, including whiplash resulting from being suddenly and unexpectedly thrust forward. Knee and ankle injuries are also frequent because many drivers and passengers brace against impact with their legs. When hit from behind by a semi, bus, other large vehicle or one travelling at high speed, people suffer head injuries, broken bones and other serious harm.

All too often, people who feel neck or back pain after a crash assume that it will ease without medical attention when, in fact, such injuries will not heal without treatment. Similarly, it is a common mistake to believe that there is no need to get a lawyer involved because fault for the accident seems obvious.

Turn To Our Firm For Protection Of Your Rights After A Rear-End Car Accident

The single most important thing to do after being hurt in a car accident is to see a doctor and get checked out. Another key priority should be protection of your legal rights.

To work with an experienced New York City rear-end collision attorney who will investigate the crash, offer sound guidance and put your needs first, contact our law office as soon as possible. We offer a free consultation, and you can reach us toll free by calling 888-391-8546.

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