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NYC Drunk Truck Driver Accident Lawyers

The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens And Manhattan DUI Trucking Attorney

Commercial truck drivers take on tremendous responsibility every time they hit the road in vehicles capable of causing massive damage in any type of accident. Although their livelihoods are absolutely on the line when they do so, it is common for truckers to operate semis and other vehicles under the influence of alcohol or intoxicating drugs.

Our New York City law firm is a proven resource for trucking accident victims and their families. If you suspect that a truck driver who caused the accident that injured you or a family member was impaired, a lawyer at our firm will do everything possible to determine and prove exactly that. Our legal team will:

  • Move decisively to investigate all aspects of the car-truck collision or other accident — including calling for breath, blood or other chemical testing if we reach the scene in time
  • Track a DUI/DWI criminal case closely if the truck driver was charged with drunk or drugged driving, potentially strengthening your case for compensation at or beyond insurance coverage limits
  • Investigate the background of the negligent trucker for any evidence of similar offenses in the past — and also inquire into the specific trucking company’s hiring, qualification and training procedures

Turn To Savvy, Strategic NYC Drunk Truck Driver Accident Attorneys Now

The dangers of sharing the road with huge commercial trucks are already substantial, and truck drivers who drink or use illegal or prescription drugs increase risks incrementally. Such drivers are prone to making serious judgment errors and being reckless or inattentive in ways that have tragic consequences for others.

This is why truck drivers are subject to far more stringent DUI laws than other drivers when on the job — and why even an off-duty alcohol-related offense may be punishable with the long-term or permanent loss of a commercial driver’s license.

At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, we consider all potential causes of truck accidents when constructing a case for a seriously injured or grieving client. If even a low level of impairment can be proven, we have the ability to use that evidence effectively on your behalf.

To get us involved, beginning with a free, no-risk consultation, please contact our firm as soon as possible.

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