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NYC Passenger Injury Claim Attorney

Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens And Manhattan Injured Passenger Lawyer

No one expects the car, bus, taxi or other vehicle he or she is riding in to be involved in a serious accident. When it happens, many people do not know their options for recovering compensation for medical expenses, loss of income and other consequences of their injuries. At the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel in New York City, we are always ready to hear what happened, explain the law and pursue passenger rights to compensation.

It is important to know that you may be able to recover insurance money even if the driver of a car you were riding in is found negligent — and even if a family member was driving. In these and other circumstances, it is essential to contact an experienced NYC passenger injury claim lawyer who can help you make sound decisions.

Extensive Knowledge Of Insurance Laws And Passenger Rights After Accidents

Passengers are often the most seriously injured victims in a crash. Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the insurance coverage and liability issues relevant in accidents involving private drivers as well as government entities. In processing your claim, we will:

  • Inquire into and investigate all potential causes of the accident, including analyzing complex situations where multiple drivers may have been negligent
  • Examine all potential sources of recovery after any type of accident, including claims for injuries to children in family car accidents
  • File a claim and/or commence a lawsuit against a municipality, other government entity such as a school district, or private carrier after a bus accident

Turn To Us For Caring, Practical Guidance And Determination To Recover For You

We recognize how traumatic a car accident can be and do all we can to allow our clients to focus on their physical and emotional recoveries. You have many practical concerns as well as medical needs, and our firm is an ideal choice if you want to be informed and confident throughout the process of seeking all the compensation you deserve for medical costs, lost wages and other compensation for your injuries.

For a free consultation on your legal options and right to compensation as a passenger injured in a New York roadway accident, call or email our firm anytime. If we pursue your case, you will pay no attorney fees unless and until we recover compensation for you.

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Our Practice Areas