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New York City Demolition Accident Lawyers

Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx And Queens Dismantling Accident Attorney

Some of the most hazardous work on construction sites involves demolition of existing structures and dismantling of work equipment, piping and ductwork. Causes of serious demolition injury in these situations can include:

  • Large pieces of material breaking free due to the lack of proper bracing or any bracing at all
  • Light fixtures, heavy conveyor belt systems used in warehouse settings and heavy equipment falling during the dismantling/demolition process
  • Air conditioning ducts and piping in the ceiling that break free and fall while being dismantled
  • Workers being struck and falling from scaffolding or having a scaffold or other platform collapse due to impact from falling debris

Seriously Injured By Construction Debris Or In A Fall During Demolition?

If you have been injured after falling through a temporary floor, being struck by construction material, debris or equipment, or otherwise suffered a demolition-related injury, we know that your financial worries may be both immediate and long term. You can depend on the New York City demolition accident attorneys at our firm to prioritize your case and your recovery by:

  • Directing you to a qualified, accomplished workers’ compensation lawyer to process all your health-related expenses and lost wages
  • Thoroughly investigating your accident in order to determine the identity of the building owner, general contractor and subcontractor
  • Analyzing your case in light of the New York labor law enacted specifically for the protection of injured workers
  • Attending closely to your medical needs and treatment, supporting your recovery and carefully assessing the value of your claim based on the total impact of your injuries on your life and earning capacity

Applying decades of experience handling a wide range of construction accident injury claims, attorney Nussin S. Fogel understands all factors and causes of a demolition or dismantling accident. Our law firm is a proven resource for people with serious impact and crush injuries, including injuries from a blow to the head, back, shoulder or knee injury that can end a person’s ability to work in construction.

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When you turn to the Law Offices of Nussin S. Fogel, you will be treated with care and respect as we carefully analyze the best path to maximum recovery for you. We are driven not only to win maximum financial compensation for our clients, but to provide a superior level of service and support, from the free initial consultation through resolution of the case.

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