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New York City Temporary Platform Fall Injury Attorneys

The Bronx Defective Or Missing Scaffold Accident Lawyer

Most construction workers are “can-do” individuals focused on getting the work done even when equipment provided is not ideal for the job. In order to get to a high spot, they may stand on a bucket, stack of materials or some other makeshift temporary platform. Unfortunately, many serious accidents occur due to the use of these temporary platforms rather than ladders, scaffolding or other equipment for working safely at heights.

If you have suffered serious injury in a fall on a construction site, we urge you to contact our law firm for a focused, thorough assessment of your options for recovering financial compensation. Please do not assume that the accident was your own fault or that workers’ compensation benefits are all you can receive.

Were You Injured In A Fall From A Bucket Or Other Temporary Platform?

Attorney Nussin S. Fogel applies decades of experience analyzing construction accident liability claims and taking cases all the way through trial when necessary. Our legal team’s experience extends to:

  • Falls from buckets — often spackling or compounding buckets — used as makeshift temporary platforms to reach a work area when no safer alternative is available
  • Falls from boilers or other fixtures not designed to be stood upon
  • Falls from defective ladders and scaffolding
  • Falls through floors, including those caused by failure to secure temporary flooring or to clearly mark an opening as a fall hazard

Turn To Our Firm For Construction Law Knowledge And Genuine Compassion

In order to succeed in pursuing valid claims, New York City temporary platform fall injury lawyers must have a strong understanding of when and how to invoke New York labor law — which addresses falls from heights as low as 18 inches to two feet.

You can depend on our compassionate, dedicated legal team to empathize with your immediate and long-term concerns involving medical costs, lost wages and support for your family if you cannot work after an injury-causing fall. Whether your construction site accident occurred in Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn or Staten Island, you can turn to us for a free consultation focused on your needs and your rights under the law.

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