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Why Hire A Construction Accident Lawyer?

Only An Experienced Attorney Can Analyze Your Case And Protect Your Rights

In the aftermath of a construction accident, both the victim and family members are often traumatized and very concerned about the future. Any serious injury can cause not only tremendous pain and suffering, along with concern over quickly mounting medical expenses, but also worry over what will happen if the injury victim cannot work construction again for months, years or a lifetime.

Injury-Causing Accidents Call For Investigation, Analysis And Extensive Legal Knowledge

Perhaps the single most critical step to take after a New York construction accident is to hire a lawyer who makes this complex area of personal injury law a substantial focus of his or her practice. It is important to recognize that:

  • Many workers mistakenly believe that workers’ compensation insurance is their only source of financial support, when in fact it is essential to work with an attorney dedicated to determining whether a building owner, contractor or other party can be held financially accountable for injury-causing negligence.
  • Powerful New York labor law can be critical for preparing your case and obtaining all the compensation you deserve — but interpreting and invoking these laws properly call for a knowledgeable attorney with extensive training and experience.
  • Your case will likely require prompt, thorough investigation of the accident scene, preservation of evidence, gathering of witness statements and in-depth knowledge of common defenses used by negligent parties.
  • Your construction accident attorney should have access to qualified, credible experts in relevant fields and disciplines.
  • Building owners, general contractors and their insurers defend serious construction accident cases rigorously, making it essential for you to have a proven trial lawyer prepared to take your case all the way to a jury verdict if needed.

Make The Right Choice For Your Future By Calling 888-391-8546 Today

It is not in your interest to face the aftermath of a serious construction accident without proven legal representation on your side. For nearly 25 years, New York City construction accident lawyer Nussin S. Fogel has represented seriously injured workers and their families. Beginning with a free consultation on your case, he will prioritize your recovery and your future.

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