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17-Year Old Girl Killed in Pedestrian Accident in Long Island

A terrible pedestrian accident in Long Island has claimed the life of a young 17-year old girl. Shakira Wilson was walking along Long Island Avenue near Pearsall Avenue when a Lexus SUV strayed from the roadway and struck her. She suffered serious head trauma and was immediately rushed to a nearby hospital minutes after rescue crews arrived. She failed to recovery and passed away due to her injuries shortly thereafter.

Taxi Accident in Brooklyn Leaves truck Driver Dead

A tragic taxi accident in Brooklyn late last month left the driver of a delivery truck dead. The accident occurred at the corner of Nostrand and Flushing Avenues when a green cab and a Daily News delivery vehicle collided. The truck was headed southbound on Nostrand Avenue, making a right turn onto Flushing when the taxi cab entered the intersection and struck the truck at high speed. The truck rolled over from the force of the blow, ejecting the driver.

Construction Accident in Brooklyn Claims the life of 50-Year Old Worker

A construction accident in Brooklyn has claimed the life of a 50-year old worker in Brighton Beach. The man fell six stories (though some reports say only four) from the top of a building under construction at 360 Neptune Avenue. He was declared dead at the scene and an investigation into the accident was immediately begun.

Elderly Man Left in Critical Condition After hit and Run Bicycle Accident in Queens

A bicycle accident in Queens left an 88-year old man known as "Mohammed" in critical condition after a hit and run driver struck him while he was riding his bicycle along 131st Street. The elderly gentleman was riding his mountain bike down the street, as he often did, as part of his regular exercise routine. However, witnesses say that a blue sedan trying to pass the bicyclist struck him then drove off.

Viral Video Embarrasses the MTA into Action

Every year dozens of people are injured in staircase accidents in New York, some of them seriously. One common place for these accidents is in subway stations. The surfaces can be difficult to navigate-due to poor lighting, improper maintenance and disrepair. Recently, one video that went viral highlighted the danger of one particular stairwell at the Sunset Park Station on 36th Street.

Sidewalk Accident in New York Injures Young Man

Just last week a young man was injured in a bizarre sidewalk accident in New York. The 20-year old was crossing the street in Buffalo, New York when the ground opened up beneath him and swallowed him whole. The three-foot wide hole appeared without notice in the middle of the street and the man had no time to react. Though relatively narrow, the whole was reportedly deep and the young man suffered unspecified injuries in the fall. He was taken to a nearby hospital and later discharged to continue recovery at home.

Distracted Driving Accidents in New York A Major Concern

Distracted driving accidents in New York have become a major concern for motorists, pedestrians, and policy makers alike. The NYPD has released statistics showing that nearly 1/3 of all auto accidents in New York City are caused by distracted drivers. That number showcases a huge danger on New York City streets.

Apartment Explosion - Likely caused by Illegal Gas Line Tap

The deadly explosion and apartment fire in New York in early April that left two dead and nearly 20 people injured was likely the result of an illegal gas line tap. The midday blast caused a fiery inferno that caused a significant portion of the east village apartment building to collapse. The injured were pulled from the rubble by emergency workers. The two deceased individuals were recovered after the fire had already been extinguished. Both were inside the first-floor sushi restaurant. One was a young man on a date, the other was a busboy employed by the establishment.

Landlords are Often Liable for Staircase Accidents in New York

Every year there are hundreds of staircase accidents in New York City apartments. Many of these not result in serious injuries. They don't often cause significant interruptions in a person's life and the injuries heal within days. However, some accidents are much more serious and do result in hospitalization and lost time from work. Such kinds of injuries include:

Hit and Run Bicycle Accident in the Bronx Leaves Teen in Critical Condition

A late night bicycle accident in New York City left a 17-year old young man in critical condition and the driver on the run from police. Just after 10:30 PM near the intersection of Jerome Avenue and East 223rd Street, an unnamed 17-year old was struck by a speeding motorist. The motorist left the injured teen lying in the road and sped off. When rescue crews arrived they found the teen in serious condition with head trauma and a number of other injuries. He was rushed to Jacobi Medical Center where he was listed in critical condition.

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