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Five Men Settle for $40 Million after False Imprisonment in New York

Five men unfairly convicted of raping a woman in Central Park in 1989 have finally settled a false arrest/imprisonment lawsuit against the City of New York. The five, who became known as "The Central Park Five," were just teenagers at the time of the crime but were labelled as a "wolf pack" and "wildling" children before and during their trials. All were sentenced to years in prison but in 2002 their convictions were overturned. The men, now adults, have been fighting for monetary compensation for their false imprisonment in New York since their respective releases.

Bizarre Roadway Construction Accident in Leaves Pedestrian Injured

A bizarre roadway construction accident in New York City in late May ended with a woman being treated for a cut from a buzz saw. The accident occurred in Manhattan near the busy intersection of 28th Street and Ninth Avenue as construction crews were working on the roadway surface.

Crews were in the process of repairing a broken water main when a buzz saw blade somehow broke free from the saw being used by a worker to cut through pavement. The three-foot wide blade flew through the air, travelling early 100 feet, missing pedestrians by inches. The blade eventually came to rest but not before striking an unnamed woman and cut her leg. The woman, who was treated and released, was taken to the hospital to have her wound tended to.

Pool Accidents in New York City Climb During Summer Months

Public and private swimming pools across the city provide the perfect opportunity to enjoy the summer and beat the heat with family and friends. But pool accidents in New York City claim the lives of unsuspecting victims every year-senseless losses that, for the most part, could be avoided with the proper equipment, maintenance, and supervision.

Elevator Accident Kills Construction Worker in Queens

One worker was killed and another injured in an elevator accident in New York City last month. The two men were contractors, part of the construction crew building an elementary school at 42nd Street in Sunnyside, part of the P.S. 313 expansion project. Details surrounding the accident are few but it appears that the first man fell 5 stories down an empty elevator shaft immediately prior to the second man falling 1 story from the second floor to the first.

Workers at the site reported hearing a crash and gathered at the bottom of the elevator shaft. Rescue crews arrived and found the first worker, an unnamed 40-year old, who was reportedly still alive but died either during or soon after transportation to the hospital. The second man was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital with critical injuries. It appears that he was actually struck by debris caused by the first man's fall.

75% of All Pool-Related Drowning in NYC Children 4 and Under

Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control highlight an alarming trend. 75% of all accidental drowning accidents in New York City involve children four years old or younger. The vast majority of those children drown in home swimming pools. (Older children and adults are more likely to drown in natural water settings such as lakes and rivers.) The new data was collected from hospital visits and emergency calls across the country and collated in a special report entitled "Unintentional Drowning:  Get the Facts."

Tougher Traffic Laws Aimed at Preventing Pedestrian Accidents in NYC

DMV data shows that last year 135 people were killed in avoidable pedestrian accidents in New York. While city officials, including Mayor de Blasio, are struggling to find ways of decreasing fatalities, they must also accommodate motor vehicle and bicycle traffic on streets that simply can't get any wider. While some of NYC's major changes--including new bicycle lanes and pedestrian crosswalks and medians--have come under public fire for their ineffectiveness, several pieces of legislation soon to become law aim to penalize irresponsible drivers.

Fatal Train Accident in New York May Lead to Testing for Conductors

Last year's deadly train accident in New York may lead to further testing for all conductors. The deadly derailment of the Metro North train was caused by the driver's inattention, according to investigators. The driver reported being in a "daze" and unable to fully comprehend what was going on at the time. Investigators later discovered that the driver, who survived the crash, suffers from sleep apnea, a condition in which the natural sleep cycle is disrupted by the victim's failure to breath regularly. This causes a "sleep debt" which results in drowsiness, inability to stay awake, and even states of semi-unconscious called microsleeps. 

Slip and Fall Accidents Once Again Leading Killer at Construction Jobsites

A review of data compiled by NYCOSH (New York Committee for Occupational Safety and Health) shows that out of all the fatal construction accidents in New York last year, half were slip and fall accidents. That means that falls from heights equaled all the other fatalities combined.

Results of Recent NYCOSH Study Show Most Construction Accidents in New York Preventable

In a damning report, the New York Committee for Occupational Safety & Health says that the vast majority of fatal construction accidents in New York City between 2010 and 2012 were preventable.

The study, released April 28th, 2013, compiled data from multiple sources including the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  It shows that out of all the industries examined, construction had the highest rate of worker fatalities by far.  Construction accidents account for 19 percent of all job-related deaths.  A whopping 53 percent of those construction fatalities occurred in New York City itself.

Man Killed in New York City Subway Accident

May 9th's subway accident in New York City marks the latest fatal encounter between an individual and a high-speed train in the NYC underground.  The late-afternoon collision occurred at the 59th Street Station in Manhattan when the unnamed individual was struck and killed by the Northbound Lexington Avenue Express.  Officials say that this serious rush hour accident is being investigated by the NYPD. 

By the time paramedics arrived on scene, the man had already passed away and was declared dead at the scene.  The NYPD investigation will center on whether the man was on the platform or the tracks at the time of the accident and whether this accident was a tragic misstep or a something more disturbing.  Witnesses reportedly recall seeing the man fall from the platform but there is no indication, as yet, of what caused him to do so.

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