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MTA Bus Accident in New York Results in Huge Settlement for Victim

A Long Island man who was injured in an MTA bus accident in New York way back in 2009 has finally been awarded his financial settlement. A jury found both the MTA and the individual bus driver at fault for the 2009 bus accident in Queens which essentially destroyed Calvin Tarpley's life. The jury awarded Tarpley a $12.5 million verdict as compensation for not only his injuries but for lost wages as well.

Most Construction Accidents in New York Occur on Small Jobsites

A new analysis of data concerning construction accidents in New York City shows that small jobsites are the most dangerous. The Real Estate Board of New York (REBNY) gathered the latest available information from the period between 2010 and 2014 and correlated the number of construction accidents in New York with various other factors to understand how, why, and where these devastating catastrophes are happening. This effort was, in part, a response to the dramatic increase in construction accident in New York City in recent years-up 53 percent just last year by some accounts.

Fatal Elevator Accident in the Bronx Could Have Been Avoided

Reports have surfaced that the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) knew of safety violations prior to a fatal elevator accident in New York that claimed the life of 84-year old Olegario Pabon last year. In fact, some are criticizing the agency for not shutting the elevators in that building down. 

Are NYC's Bicycle Safety Measures Effective?

Studying data concerning bicycle accidents in New York City can be disheartening. According to NYC's cycling Risk Indicator, the average risk of serious injury to bicyclists in the city has dropped 82% between 2000 and 2014. However, in 2014 there were 3,982 bicycle accidents in New York City involving motorists (not including 20 fatalities). That's nearly a 3 percent increase in injuries over 2013's figures and a whopping 66 percent increase in cycling fatalities. These dramatic increases have occurred even as the city has spent millions of dollars redesigning its infrastructure to make the streets more bicycle-friendly.

Spring is the Time for Sidewalk Accidents in New York City

Even during a relatively mild winter (like this last one), the elements can have a devastating effect on the sidewalks. In fact, spring is one of the most dangerous seasons for sidewalk accidents in New York City. Temperature changes, ice, and snow removal (including use of chemical ice melt) can damage or even destroy the sidewalk concrete. This leaves uneven, raised and broken surfaces which pose a severe slip or trip and fall hazard for pedestrians.

FDNY Says Fatal Apartment Fire in Brooklyn Started by Faulty Electrical Repairs

A fatal apartment fire in Brooklyn that claimed the life of a 68-year old grandmother was likely caused by improper repairs to a faulty electrical outlet according to a statement from the New York City Fire Department. It took more than 100 fire fighters to subdue the blaze at 232 Metropolitan Ave. when fire broke out around 10:30 PM on the evening of March 29th. Residents report that smoke quickly filled the entire building, making escape nearly impossible.

Increase in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents in New York Calls Into Question the Effectiveness of Vision Zero

In spite of the numerous improvements put in place by the Mayor's Office and the NYDOT as part of the City's commitment to the Vision Zero policy, the number of car accidents in New York City is on the rise. In fact, January saw the number of car accidents in New York top 17,000 for the first time in recorded history. And while the overall number of pedestrian accidents in New York City has dropped slightly, the number of people killed in crashes on city streets has jumped significantly.

Crane Accident in New York Results in $40 Million Lawsuit

A crane accident in Manhattan that killed one man and injured three people last month has resulted in a $40 million lawsuit against the City of New York. The lawsuit, filed by a 73-year old victim of the crane collapse in Manhattan, alleges that the city was negligent in its duty to protect passersby. While the city does perform safety inspections at such jobsites, there is a question whether the jobsite are adequately inspected.

Brooklyn Fire Escape Collapse Sends Man to Hospital

A fire escape staircase collapse in Brooklyn sent a man plunging four stories to the hard sidewalk below earlier this month. The 23-year old victim was leaning against the railing of the fourth floor structure attached to the Lefferts Boulevard apartment building when the metal gave way, sending him over the edge to the concrete.

Trash Truck Causes Fatal Pedestrian Accident in Manhattan

A sanitation truck caused a fatal pedestrian accident in New York City earlier this week which claimed the life of 56-year old Jodi McGrath. According to published reports, Mrs. McGrath was crossing the street at the intersection of First Avenue and East 92nd Street on the Upper East Side just after 4 AM on March 15th when a sanitation truck crashed into her. The commercial truck accident in Manhattan appeared to be relatively insignificant at first.

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