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Deadly Truck Accident in the Bronx Kills Three

A deadly crash involving multiple vehicles on the Cross Bronx Expressway claimed the lives of three victims late last month. The early morning truck accident in The Bronx happened just before six on the morning of December 27th when an 18-wheel tractor-trailer stopped short to avoid running into a car ahead of it. A second big truck following close behind failed to stop in time and crushed a pickup truck between it and the first truck. The massive force of the collision pushed the first truck into the rear of a sedan-driving the car up onto the concrete median divider.

Construction Worker Dies in Fall at Manhattan Jobsite

A deadly construction accident in New York City claimed the life of a 30-year old worker at a jobsite at 152 East 87th Street late last month. The tragic fall from heights in Manhattan happened around 9:30 on the morning of December 23rd-just two days before Christmas. Reports show that the victim, Mahamoudon Marega (a resident of The Bronx), died after falling into the basement of the building.

EMTs arrived and rushed Marega to Lenox Hill Hospital suffering from severe head trauma-though it was unclear at the time if he hit his head before, during, or after the fall. However, those injuries were far too severe to treat and he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The Department of Buildings issued a full stop work order at the jobsite and immediately began an investigation into the fatal fall from heights in Manhattan. However, an independent investigation found that the sub-contractor for which Marega worked, Highbury Construction, was fined almost $5,000 in 2014 for failing to meet fall protection standards at another jobsite. In addition, the contractor in charge of the entire Manhattan jobsite, Noble Construction Group, was fined in March of this year for a similar violation in Flushing.

New York Truck Driver Charged in School Bus Accident

A late December school bus accident involving a New York City truck driver has resulted in criminal charges. 57-year old Benjamin Bramble was operating an 18-wheel U.S. Xpress tractor-trailer which caused a multi-car pile-up involving a school bus on December 20th. The police from Morgan County are are charging the the truck driver with failure to maintain control of his vehicle, even though, thankfully the New York City truck accident ended with all the children healthy and whole.

Floor Mats - The Danger Hidden Under Your Feet!

Floor mats. Especially, after or during a storm, you find them everywhere. Right after you walk into your local grocery, apartment building, department store, office building and supermarket, they're there to sop up the rain and snow melt. But when floor mats are not properly maintained or put down properly and the edges turn up or they gather somewhere in the middle because they are not laid flat against the floor, they become tripping hazards and can cause serious slip and fall accidents in New York City. OSHA even classifies tripping over a curled, cracked, or torn floor mat as one of the most common causes of injury in the workplace.

Rapid Temperature Changes Create Falling Ice and Snow

The cold weather across the country this winter season has already created dangerous conditions for those of us living in urban areas-especially NYC with its high-rise apartment and office buildings. When several days of cold, snowy weather are followed by abrupt warm-ups and even further subzero temperatures, it creates the perfect conditions for falling ice and snow in New York City streets and sidewalks.

Construction Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Man Dead

An early morning construction accident in Williamsburg Brooklyn left a 59-year old veteran construction worker dead. On the morning of December 9th the victim was reported glazing windows on the exterior of the building undergoing massive renovations at the site of the old Domino Sugar Factory when he fell. Witnesses to the fatal fall from heights accident said that the man was on the sixth-story scaffolding erected on the building's exterior and fell four stories, landing on the second-story scaffolding.

The Winter Season in NYC Means Slippery Floors Everywhere You Go

Out shopping or celebrating this holiday season? Watch your step! Snow, ice, and rain water inside create the perfect conditions for slip and fall accidents. Wet floors in stores, coffee shops, apartment buildings, parking lots (indoor and outdoor) and office complexes cause hundreds of serious slippery floor accidents in New York City every year. All it takes is a small patch of water or half-melted snow, or a patch of ice underfoot and you fall hard.

Winter Sidewalks Pose Slip and Fall Risk

Are you ready for another season of ice and snow covered sidewalk accidents in New York City? After a relatively mild, fall winter has finally gripped NYC again with snow and frigid temperatures. It's just a matter of time before sidewalks and roadways become hazardous and dangerous to innocent motorists and pedestrians. Ice, snow, sleet, and even leftover leaves and other debris can become extremely slippery in subzero temperatures, making sidewalks, stairways, and even handicap accessible ramps a potential threat to anyone.

False Arrest Case in New York City Results in $600,000 Payout

A landmark case of false arrest in New York City has recently resulted in a massive $600,000 verdict in favor of the victim, Jateik Reed. Reed, who was 19 at the time of his arrest in 2012, was stopped by several NYPD officers after they allegedly saw "bags of marijuana" in his hands. They confronted Reed which led to a physical altercation during which officers repeatedly struck and kicked the victim and pepper sprayed a friend who was recording the incident on a cell phone.

Safety Advocates Alarmed by Number of Bicycle and Pedestrian Accidents in New York City

New York City has a population of over 8 million people. It is therefore not surprising that the true number of bicycle and pedestrian accidents in New York City has been pretty much kept a secret. Few of these tragic accidents make headlines (only if it involves someone famous) and most remain unreported to the general public. That's why safety advocates were shocked to learn that NYC's official traffic accident data shows over 10,000 pedestrians and 4,200 bicyclists were injured in crashes last year.

To put those figures in perspective, every New Yorker has roughly a one in three hundred chance of being injured or killed in a bicycle or pedestrian accident in New York City annually. To make things even worse (and not surprising), the victims were not at fault in the majority of these cases. Many of these accident resulted in serious injuries; not only causing pain and suffering but placing a huge financial burden on the victim and family because of the lost time from work.

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