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Study Says Left Turning Traffic Causes the Most Bicycle Accidents in New York City

A new study by the NYC DOT takes a much closer look at the correlation between left turning traffic and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City. Between 2010 and 2014 there were just over 800 pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York. 108 of the victims were killed by left turning traffic-almost 13% of all the pedestrian and cyclists fatalities in New York.

Experts Warn of Alarming Rate of Concussions Caused by Playground Accidents in New York

After years of denial by the experts, new data shows that not only do minor falls result in concussion, those concussions often go untreated. CDC data also shows that the number of children who suffer concussion from falls related to playground accidents in New York City is on the rise.

Worker Dies in Elevator Accident in New York

A freight elevator accident in New York ended with one worker dead at a store in Manhattan. The unnamed 43-year old employee was loading merchandise into a freight elevator of the La Reguera Dominica-a discount store-on West 182nd Street in Washington Heights when something went terribly wrong.

75% of Non-Fatal Playground Accidents in New York City Happen in Public Playgrounds

Summertime is a wonderful time for parents and their children to get out of the apartment and enjoy the good weather. Playgrounds and public parks are a big part of that summertime tradition but parents need to know that these "kid-friendly" locations can cause more than scraped knees or bruises. 75% of all non-fatal playground accidents in New York City occur in public playgrounds.

Tour Bus Accident in New York City leaves 15 Injured

A group of sightseers suffered injuries after a tour bus accident in New York City this past week. The individuals were part of a group of roughly 20 people riding a double-decker tour bus through Manhattan's Upper East Side. At around 1:15 in that afternoon on July 21st, the bus driver somehow lost control and the massive vehicle veered off the road, jumped the curb, and smashed into a tree at the corner of 63rd Street and Fifth Avenue.

Young Autistic Man Dies in Pool Accident in Long Island

A young autistic man under the care of staff at a group home died earlier this week when he escaped over a fence and fell into a neighbor's in-ground swimming pool. Despite the 6-foot high fence, this tragic drowning accident in New York may have been prevented had anyone been able to get to the man sooner.

New York Apartment Accident Leaves Grandmother Injured on Sidewalk

A terrifying apartment complex accident in the Bronx left an elderly lady bleeding and struggling for her life on the sidewalk in Claremont on July 20th. The 66-year-old was sitting on the steps of her apartment complex, enjoying the afternoon with her granddaughter when several bricks fell from the building and struck her in the head. She collapsed to the sidewalk and was barely responsive-bleeding from several wounds-when rescue crews arrived.

Investigators speculate that the bricks likely fell from the roof-seven stories up. Falling from such a height the bricks would have gained incredible momentum and could have easily killed anyone underneath.

Bicycle Accident in Brooklyn Kills Teenager

A tragic bicycle accident in Brooklyn that left a teenager dead last month was completely avoidable. That's the conclusion that NYPD investigators came to after they discovered the driver of the car involved was significantly impaired at the time of the crash.

Sean Ryan, a 17-year old recent graduate from Xaverian High School, was riding his bicycle along Gerritsen Avenue-just a mile from his home-when he was struck and killed by an automobile operated by 24-year old Thomas Groarke. Police investigating the crash concluded that Groarke was speeding at the time and attempting to overtake another vehicle when he struck the victim. Officers administered a sobriety test and Groarke's blood alcohol content was found to be more than twice the legal limit.

Who Is Liable for Falling Air Conditioners in New York City?

In the summer months, New Yorkers desperately try to beat the heat by getting out of the city. But sometimes you just can't get out and that's when air conditioning becomes a must-have for residents and businesses in The Big Apple. The next time you're walking along the sidewalk look up and count the number of air conditioning units hanging overhead. What if one of those units should fall? What if you're hurt? Who can you turn to and who is liable for such sidewalk accidents in New York?

MTA Bus Accident in Queens Leaves 14 Injured

An MTA bus accident in Queens left 14 people injured including two firefighters. That accident occurred as a FDNY truck responding to a fire call struck the MTA bus in the Astoria neighborhood. Reports show that the MTA bus was travelling along Ditmars Boulevard (near the intersection with 21st Street) just after noon on June 26th when the firetruck slammed into the side of a bus.

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