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Falling Ice in Manhattan Sends Woman to Hospital

Slip and fall accidents in New York aren't the only danger in the city after a snowfall. In fact, after a prolonged period of snow build-up or as temperatures warms enough to melt ice off roofs and building facades, New York City sidewalks become danger zones for pedestrians. Icicles and large clumps of snow weighing 40 pounds or more can break loose and hurdle to the sidewalk below. Every year these falling ice accidents in New York injure people, some very severely which often means lost time from work.

School Bus Accident in Brooklyn Sends Students to the Hospital

A frightening school bus accident in Brooklyn last month sent seven people to the hospital with various injuries. The injured individuals included at least four children and three adults. All are expected to make full recoveries though one child was injured more severely than the rest.

Uncleared Snow and Ice Public Sidewalk Accidents in New York

After a relatively mild start, winter is finally here again along the East Coast. Ice and snow covered sidewalk accident in New York are something all of us should be thinking about. Every year there are hundreds of slip and fall accidents around the City which send people to emergency rooms. Injuries can range from bumps and bruises to head injuries and compound bone fractures. These individuals may require surgeries combined with extensive time lost from work for rehabilitation.

Ice and Snow Covered Sidewalk Accident in New York City?

During an average winter, New York City can receive up to 60 inches of snow-sometimes even more. This can make travelling (even on foot) extremely dangerous-especially if residents don't honor their obligation to clear ice and snow from sidewalks. In fact, hundreds of individuals are taken to emergency departments around the city every year because they've fallen on improperly cleared sidewalks.

A Fatal Elevator Accident in Manhattan Spurs Lawmakers Into Action

A tragic elevator accident in Manhattan that claimed the life of a young man earlier this month has spurred local and state legislators to push a bill requiring special training and licensing for elevator repair technicians in New York.

Is Cutting Corners Responsible for Surge in Construction Accidents in New York City?

Data collected by the New York City Department of Buildings showed that construction accidents in New York City increased dramatically over the course of last year. In fact, the number of construction accidents within city limits jumped nearly 45%. Many safety advocates say that this increase is directly correlated to the number of undocumented and untrained workers who have found their way into the industry. However, still others blame construction companies for cutting corners in order to meet tight deadlines because of the construction boom in New York.

Man Sacrifices Himself to Save Woman and Child in Elevator Accident In Manhattan

Just after midnight on New Year's Day, a young man was crushed in a tragic elevator accident in Manhattan. The man was attending a New Year's Eve party at an apartment on the 100 block of Broome Street on the Lower East Side when one of three elevators in the building began malfunctioning. The individual was caught between the car and the floor and crushed. Rescue crews arrived shortly thereafter but the man had already died.

Bicycle Accident in New York Leaves Man in Serious Condition

Even as New York's public safety officials embrace the Vision Zero policy designed to end all traffic fatalities, cyclists in the city are still in danger. Bicycle accidents in New York are still far too common. In fact, on New Year's Day an unidentified cyclist was struck and seriously injured in Long Island. The individual was riding down Suffolk Avenue around 7PM when a Honda CRV driven by 54-year old Glen Klimpel traveling southbound on Veteran's Memorial Highway struck him.

NYPD Facing Yet Another High-Profile Lawsuit Stemming from a False Arrest in New York City

Even as the New York City police commissioner and the Mayor's Office attempt to clean up the tarnished reputation of the NYPD, more and more cases of false arrest in New York are coming to light that show just how unfair individual police officers can be. Most recently Cipriana Quann, a model and the co-founder of the popular fashion blog Urban Bush, has filed suit against the NYPD claiming that she was placed under arrest for allegedly impeding an arrest in progress.

Cement Truck Accident in New York City Sends a Woman and Two Children to the Hospital

Two young children and a woman walking down a street are recovering after being hit by a cement truck last month. The commercial truck accident in New York happened on 55th Avenue in the Elmhurst neighborhood around 2:30PM on Wednesday December 23rd. This, eyewitnesses say, is a neighborhood where trucks are often driving above the posted limit and turning corners too quickly. State Sen. Jose Peralta and Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras-Copeland jointly condemned the accident and called for increased traffic safety measures to make New York City streets safer for pedestrians.

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