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Investigation Reveals Many Playground Accidents in New York City Could Be Avoided

The local NBC affiliate launched an investigation into the safety of City-owned playgrounds across New York recently and the results may shock you. The investigation uncovered a serious deficiency in the repair and maintenance cycle at City playgrounds that could put hundreds of children in harms ways every day. In fact, the stretch between when a maintenance issue is detected and when it's finally fixed is often so long that critics say many playground accidents in New York City could be avoided.

Multiple Car Accident in Brooklyn Sends Seven to Hospital

Seven motorists were injured in a multi-car crash on the Brooklyn Bridge the week before last. The chain reaction car accident in Brooklyn happened just before 5AM along the eastbound lanes and caused traffic to come to a standstill as all Brooklyn-bound lanes were blocked during the rescue operations. FDNY crews arrived and quickly rushed the injured to nearby Methodist and Bellevue Hospitals.

Eyewitness reports show that the Brooklyn Bridge car accident began when a Lexus struck a disabled vehicle in the right-hand lane of the bridge. Just moments before, the same Lexus was seen swerving between lanes and a taxi driver reported that the vehicle had struck his car as well. The now immobile Lexus was in turn struck by a sedan following behind it. The collision actually overturned the vehicle onto its roof and ejected a 30-year old passenger out of the car onto the roadway.

Shocking Pedestrian Accident in New York Ends With Woman Pinned Against Light Pole

A gruesome pedestrian accident in Manhattan nearly cost a woman her life early this month. The unidentified woman was walking along the sidewalk near the intersection of east 49th Street and Second Avenue when a Mercedes jumped the curb and smashed into her. The woman was pinned between the massive vehicle and a light post, her leg nearly severed by the impact.

Underground Construction Accident Sends Worker to the Hospital

A construction accident in Manhattan sent one worker to the hospital after a fall late last month. The unidentified 60-year old man fell from a ladder that was part of a complex series of scaffolding in the subway system beneath Second Avenue and East 69th Street. Rescue workers called the maze of ladders and metal work a "complicated system" erected below street level and had difficulty getting the injured man to safety.

Construction Accident Injures One when Worker Falls 25 Feet

A scary construction accident in New York City last week could have been a lot worse. Work at a building site at 435 W. Street stopped unexpectedly around 2:30 PM when a worker fell through the floor two stories up. The man tumbled 25 feet to the ground below where he lay broken and battered.

New York Man Critically Injured in Bus Accident

A young man was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after surviving a shocking bus accident earlier this month. The 34-year old man was simply walking down the sidewalk along Main Street in Orange New Jersey when a 77-year old bus driver in charge of a Coach Commuter bus appeared to lose control of his vehicle. Eyewitnesses report seeing the man struggle with the steering wheel, trying in vain to stop the bus from jumping the curb. The massive vehicle first smashed into a Nissan Altima then jumped the curb and crossed the sidewalk before smashing through the façade of a busy Bank of America location.

Landmark Settlement in New York City Excessive Force Case

The City comptroller's office has announced a landmark settlement in a case of excessive force in New York City that set off protests and riots across the country last year.

Nearly one year ago, Eric Garner died while in police custody. He stopped breathing after being put in an illegal choke hold. Garner, a husband and father, was just 46 years old and had been arrested for a minor offense: allegedly selling untaxed cigarettes on Staten Island. 

Near-Fatal New York City Crane Accident Was Likely Caused by Faulty Rigging

The near-fatal crane accident in New York City last month was likely caused by faulty rigging. The intensive investigation into this accident along a busy street in Manhattan revealed that one of the lift straps was likely cut by the edge of the air conditioning equipment being lifted on the high-rise. The 13-ton unit was able to exert enough pressure on one single point in the lift strap to act like a knife and slice cleanly through it.

Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Involved Uber Car

A terrible three car crash in Brooklyn claimed the life of a cyclist on July 13th. Eyewitness reports state that an out of control driver in an SUV hit the Uber car (carrying three passengers) before it careened off another car and into a bicyclist near the intersection of Fourth Avenue and Dean Street. This latest bicycle accident in New York demonstrates just how vulnerable riders are even when they obey all of the traffic laws.

Sightseeing Bus Accident in New York Leave Man in Critical Condition

A shocking bus accident in New York brought one Greenwich Village street to a standstill earlier this month. A man is recovering from life threatening injuries today after being struck and dragged down the street by a privately owned double decker sightseeing bus on July 3rd. The man, an unnamed 50-year old, was seen crossing the street at the intersection of Sixth Avenue and West 4th Street seconds before the double decker bus struck him. The victim was forced under the middle section of the bus and dragged for a short distance, screaming for help all the while.

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