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Out of Control Driver Kills Two Pedestrians in Queens

Many expect the dangers of the New York streets to stay on the street. Unfortunately, all too often out of control drivers kill or injure innocent pedestrians when their recklessness brings the carnage onto New York City sidewalks. Just last week (November 11th) two unsuspecting pedestrians were killed on Queens Boulevard (near Broadway) when a 23-year old driving a 2014 Chevrolet Camaro at a high rate of speed jumped the curb and careened into a crowd of New Yorkers. The car, which boasts a 7 liter engine and 505 horsepower, became a fast-moving 3,700 pound unstoppable missile.

Fall From Heights Claims Life of New York Construction Worker

A 56-year old construction worker was killed by a fall from heights in New York City on the morning of November 15 of this year. Jaime Sillart, a native of New Jersey, was part of a crew refreshing the facade of NYU's Languages and Literature Building at 19 University Place. Though the cause of the fall is unclear as yet, it appears the man fell six stories from scaffolding at the jobsite onto the roof of an adjacent building. Sillart was rushed to Bellevue hospital in critical condition but he had already suffered fatal injuries in the fall. He succumbed to his wounds just a few hours later.

Slip and Fall Accidents in New York Increase Dramatically During Winter Months

Slip and fall accidents, in New York City, are the number one non-vehicular cause of accidental injury. Indeed, data shows that one of the most dangerous compounding elements of any slip and fall accident is the presence of ice and/or snow.

Manhattan Truck Accident Claims the Life of NYPD Traffic Agent

A 71-year old NYPD traffic agent was killed late last month in a commercial vehicle accident in Manhattan. Kalyanarat Ranasinghe was on the job when he was hit by a large truck as it pulled out of a parking spot in midtown Manhattan and fell to the ground. The vehicle then drove over the agent, pinning him under the wheel. The truck was then struck by a bus as it passed by. Both the driver of the truck and that of the bus stayed on scene until authorities arrived.

More New York City Construction Workers Killed by Falls than Any Other Hazard

New York City construction workers are at risk every day for the number one jobsite killer: falls from heights. Rooftops, scaffolding, elevated platforms, open windows, and unguarded stairwells or elevator shafts all represent very real hazards in the workplace. OSHA statistics show that more New York City construction workers are killed by falls from heights than any other job-related accident.

Family of Man Who Collapsed During Police Raid Files Lawsuit

The NYPD has come under a lot of attention from media outlets recently for a variety of different incidents. One of the most shocking is the death of Carlos Alcis. The 43-year old father of 8 collapsed during a police raid of his Brooklyn home and died after suffering a heart attack. The shocking part is that the NYPD had the wrong apartment. Police were reportedly looking for a robbery suspect when they barged into Alcis's home in the middle of the night. His family, in documents pertaining to their New York City wrongful death lawsuit, is arguing that the shock and stress of the police raid aggravated his existing heart condition and caused the fatal heart attack.

Woman Files False Arrest Lawsuit After Serving Time Twice

The NYPD is there to serve and protect but sometimes they get things wrong. Like in the case of Raven Moses, a 30-year old woman from the Bronx who was the victim of a hit and run accident but somehow ended up spending three days in jail years after she had already served time for the same minor crime committed in 2009. The NYPD has some explaining to do on this one and is now facing a $3 million false arrest lawsuit because of what appears to be some sort of computer glitch or clerical error.

Playground Injuries: The Hidden Danger

Every year in the United States playground accidents account for over 200,000 injuries involving children 14-years old or younger. And while any parent knows that a rambunctious child can suffer their fair share of scrapes and bruises, many of these playground injuries were severe enough to warrant trips to the ER. Indeed, some of the most common injuries suffered by these children are broken bones which take weeks and months to heal properly.

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