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Neighborhood Residents say Morris Heights Sidewalk Has Become a Trip and Fall Hazards

Litigating slip and fall sidewalk accidents in New York can be tricky because determining who is liable for your injuries isn't always as simple as it appears. Is the city responsible or the owner of the property adjacent to the dangerous stretch of sidewalk? What about the business owner who leases the storefront? But one thing is certain; a competent and experienced personal injury attorney knows how to hold the liable individuals accountable.

Inmate Assault in New York City Leads to Criminal Charges

A corrections officer at a federal jail facility in Lower Manhattan has been brought up on assault charges after the revelation that he sexually abused at least four prisoners under his care between 2012 and 2018. While most inmate assault cases in New York City arise after physically violent confrontations, sexual assault is no less serious and can have lifelong after effects for the victims. In some cases, these serious civil rights violations have resulted in substantial settlements for the victims.

Residents Pressing NYCHA after "Inhumane" Conditions in Apartment Complex in New York City

Residents of NYCHA housing are demanding that the organization credit them for the added expenses they've incurred after a severe utility outage that some have called "inhumane." More than 60 families were affected when the gas was abruptly shut off at the Red Hook Houses. The agency did provide the families a single hot plate each to accommodate their cooking needs but some individuals were without this necessary utility for more than three months. Residents are demanding reimbursement and a credit to their monthly rent payments for the severe financial, emotional, monetary, and physical strain this hardship has placed on residents. Some say cooking dinner, a chore that used to take 45 minutes, can now take as much as two hours with the limited resources available to them. 

New York Highway Accidents Are a Danger to Locals and Vacationers Alike

Every year thousands of New Yorkers hit the highways on vacation, heading to destinations throughout New England, America, and Canada. And every year, hundreds of thousands of vacationers from out of the city drive into (and through) New York on vacation getaways to the Big Apple, Upstate New York, and The Great Lakes. But, as every New Yorker knows, with the heavy volume of traffic, it is a recipe for a potentially deadly highway accident in New York.

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