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Excessive Force in New York: NYPD Using Chokeholds 20 Years After Ban

Recent high-profile cases have put the use of excessive force in New York City on the national stage once again. The unpunished chokehold death of an unarmed black man on Staten Island sparked protests, riots, and a media flurry this past year but chokeholds-and injuries associated with them-are not new. In fact, as the New York Times discovered, the NYPD has a long history of using (and some would say abusing) this controversial tactical response.

Uber Driver Kills Pedestrian in New York City

A high-profile deadly taxi accident in New York claimed the life of a young golf pro and left his girlfriend in the hospital. The accident that killed 27-year old Wesley Mensing involved the popular service - Uber. Uber is a digital service that allows New Yorkers to call from an app on their smartphones or other mobile devices.

Worker crushed in Manhattan Elevator Accident

A worker was killed in a freak elevator accident in Manhattan last month. The 30-year old mechanic was pinned between two cars while working in an elevator shaft at the West End Towers at 75 West End Ave. Emergency workers received a call at roughly 11 AM and responded quickly but were unable to save the unnamed individual.

Slippery Bridges Make Walking and Biking Treacherous in New York

With all the attention slip and fall accidents on New York City sidewalks get in the wintertime, it's often easy to overlook the dangers on pedestrian and bike paths across the numerous bridges throughout the Five Boroughs. In the winter months, snow and ice can make the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg, and Queensboro Bridges extremely hazardous.

Investigation Reveals 129 Inmates Injured by Guards at Rikers Island

A Department of Health and Mental Hygiene investigation into the Rikers Island jail complex has uncovered dozens of cases of alleged prisoner assault in New York. An exhaustive investigation into prison records, current and former inmate interviews, and medical records from the jail and surrounding hospitals found that 129 inmates reportedly suffered "serious" injuries at the hands of corrections officers and other lockup staff.

Snowy Sidewalks, Bike Paths, and Walkways on City Property are an Accident Risk

While building owners have a responsibility to clear away snow, ice, and other debris from sidewalks adjacent to their properties to prevent accidents, the Parks Department has a responsibility to prevent snow related sidewalk accidents in New York City's public parks. That obligation to clear away snow and ice extends to the pathways and bike paths on Parks Department property as well. However, a number of New Yorkers have complained to the popular street-safety blog, Streets Blog, that the Parks Department is failing to maintain safe conditions in the face of an onslaught of winter storms in the Big Apple.

Rikers Island Inmate Dies While Guard Drinks Coffee and Watches

Shocking surveillance video from the Rikers Island jail complex puts a case of blatant prison abuse in New York City on display. 53-year old Victor Woods is shown on the video laying in the arms of other inmates while they scream for help. Wood's is shaking uncontrollably, apparently having some sort of seizure but nobody comes to help even though there is a guard caught in the video camera's lens. The unnamed corrections officer simply watches the drama unfold, drinking coffee. Later, inmates told investigators that the guard said "I'm not touching him" when they asked for help.

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