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Pedestrian Accident in Brooklyn Claims Life of Elderly Man

A pedestrian accident in New York City claimed the life of an elderly man who was out walking his dog early this month. The 66-year-old was struck by a vehicle while crossing Fourth Avenue in the Bay Ridge area of Brooklyn. The victim was struck so hard that he tumbled into the air, striking another car, before coming to rest near a tree.

New Law Aims to Prevent Tragic Elevator Accidents in New York City

There are nearly 70,000 elevators in New York City alone. The Department of Buildings is-ostensibly-in charge of overseeing the safety of all of those elevators. Unfortunately, as one spat of inspections recently discovered, many of those elevators aren't in proper working order. Many are still in operation even though their inspection logs aren't up to date, known issues haven't been repaired, and-in some cases-inspectors have been forging documents in order to maintain certification.

New York City Bus Accident Leaves Passengers Shaken

A terrifying New York City bus accident on the highway east of the city left nearly 50 passengers shaken but no serious injuries were reported. The "Megabus" was nearly full to capacity with 48 passengers and the driver and bound for New York City from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania when it struck a tractor-trailer. The crash happened on February 25th at around 5:30 in that afternoon along a stretch of Interstate 80 near Blairstown, New Jersey.

Bicycle Accident in Manhattan Leaves Victim in Critical Condition

A terrifying bicycle accident in New York City left a man in critical condition in an area hospital late last month. The victim was riding along a section of Broadway (near the intersection of West 70th Street) when he was struck by a taxi cab. The crash happened at roughly 9 AM on Saturday, February 24th. The NYPD and other EMSs crews were on the scene within minutes. The victim was stabilized at the site then transported to a nearby hospital.

Policy That Left Many Claiming Excessive Force in New York City Did Little to Curb Crime

The controversial stop-and-frisk policy that led some to file excessive force claims in New York City is now no longer in effect and-as data shows-did not produce the result intended. New evidence collected both before and after New York City instituted that policing policy shows that crime levels were not affected. Indeed, the Washington Post analyzed the number of felonies for an extended period that bookended the now-defunct policy and found that declines showed "... no consistent correlation..."

Scaffolding Accident in Brooklyn Leaves Three Workers Injured

Three construction workers were injured in a terrifying scaffolding accident in New York City late last month. The individuals were working above street level at a job site in Brooklyn at around 2:30 in the afternoon of February 27th when the scaffolding they were on collapsed.

New Sexual Harassment Regulations in New York Aim to Prevent Victimization

With an ever-increasing number of sexual harassment lawsuits in New York City, legislators at both the state and local level have created tougher regulations designed to increase compliance with ethical standards and decrease the number of people who experience victimization. Not only are there tougher penalties, clearer definitions, and additional training outlined in these new rules, there's also a move toward more enforcement of existing regulations in New York and throughout the United States.

Building Façade Accident in Manhattan Third in Just two Days

A building façade accident in Manhattan was the third such incident in just two days. All three accidents in New York City happened less than a week after the city's Department of Buildings announced that they would be stepping up façade inspections in the wake of a fatal incident during which a woman was killed by part of a façade that fell from a high rise. Not only will the agency inspect over 1,300 facades, now, instead of simple visual inspections, it will require an engineer to use scaffolding in some instances to verify the safety of suspect construction.

Underground Steam Pipe Explosion in Manhattan Has Engineers Worried

An underground steam pipe that exploded last year in the Flatiron district of Manhattan sent hot steam and debris into the air. Thankfully nobody was injured. However, that explosion resembles one that occurred nearly 12 years ago in which one person was killed and several more were severely injured. The exact cause of this particular underground utility pipe explosion in Manhattan is still determined but some experts have suggested the cause of the two separate explosions could be the same. The phenomenon is called a "water hammer" and occurs when cool water comes into contact with hot pipes carrying live steam. The temperature differential causes the steam pipes to fail and an explosion results.

Many Dangerous City-Owned Sidewalks Are Not Up to Snuff

When it comes to sidewalks, the city of New York has stringent codes on the books in order to ensure these public thoroughfares are safe, secure, and easily accessible for all New Yorkers. These rules apply to all sidewalks in New York City and building owners can be held responsible for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of sidewalks adjacent to their properties. However, as one investigative report found, a significant portion of the sidewalks are in disrepair. Most significantly, a number of heavily-trafficked intersections have sidewalks and curbs that are difficult for anyone to navigate. This, says the author, is likely to lead to an increase in the number of trip and fall sidewalks accidents in New York.

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