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Man Injured in Hit-and-Run Motorcycle Accident in Queens

A young man was left with serious injuries and a severely damaged bike after a scary motorcycle accident in New York City earlier this month. On September 19th, the 21-year-old motorcyclist was riding along 37th Avenue in Jackson Heights when the driver of a Cadillac SUV cut into his lane. It appears as if the driver had been attempting to make a U-Turn and failed to yield the right of way to the motorcyclist. The driver sped off after the crash.

Fatal Bicycle Accidents in New York Top Last Year's Number Already

As winter approaches the city's "bicycle season" is winding down. Official statistics unfortunately show that the number of fatal bicycle accidents in New York City this year has already topped last year's and there are still months to go before 2016 comes to an end.

Two Cars Involved in Fatal Pedestrian Accident in the Bronx

An elderly man was crossing the street in The Bronx last month when he was struck by two cars. This terrifying pedestrian accident in New York City happened at around 9PM on August 31st at the intersection of Bronxdale Avenue and Barnes Avenue.

Investigators Search for Cause of Near-Fatal Bicycle Accident in Park Slope

A bicycle accident in New York City has investigators searching for answers. On Wednesday August 31st a bicyclist was travelling along Sixth Avenue in Park Slope when he was struck and severely injured by a 25-year old motorist. While the driver of the automobile says the bicyclists veered in front of him, at least one eyewitness says that the cyclist was not at fault.

Construction Accident in Manhattan Sends Worker to Hospital

A construction worker was injured in a scaffolding accident in Manhattan earlier this month while working on the facade of a building in Midtown. The worker fell multiple stories from the scaffolding erected at the site. The accident occurred just before ten in the morning and rescue crews arrived within minutes. Although the injured worker landed on a safety net high up on the building, rescue workers were eventually able to lower him to the 15th floor of the building and carry him down from there.

N.J. Crash highlights the Risk of Deadly Bus Accidents in New York City

Most of the fatal bus accidents in New York City victims are pedestrians and bicyclists who are struck and injured or killed because the drivers of these multi-ton vehicles simply don't see them. However, as one chaotic bus accident in Newark demonstrates, even passengers on public transportation are not immune.

Terrifying Sidewalk Accident in Manhattan Could Have Been Much Worse

Every time a New Yorker walks down a city street, there is danger lurking above them because of the danger of falling debris and objects (like air conditioners and bricks). Age and disrepair are the root cause of these potential disasters. A recent sidewalk accident in Manhattan showcased that danger.

Council Votes to Combat Excessive Force in New York City

The City Council voted through three bills designed to decrease the amount of excessive force violations in New York City last month. In an overwhelming show of support for victims' rights, the council voted 40 to 4 in favor of passing these three bills to be signed into law. These bills will allow the public and civil institutions better access to information concerning cases of excessive force in New York City-an important step toward rooting out the problem. 

Bicycle Accident in Queens Claims Life of Elderly Man

A fatal bicycle accident in Queens earlier this month stole the life of a beloved 78-year old man. Michael Schenkman was an avid cyclist and despite his advanced age rode his bicycle nearly 20 miles on a daily basis. He was bicycling east along Northern Boulevard in Queens on Wednesday August 24th when he was struck from behind by a motorist and dragged approximately 25 feet. Rescue crews were unable to resuscitate him and Mr. Schenkman, who had just gotten marred this spring, passed away at the scene.

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