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Construction Accident in Manhattan Claims Life of an Elevator Installer

A tragic construction accident in Manhattan last month claimed the life of a worker who was working inside the elevator shaft inside a building located at 111 E. 24th Street. Just after 9AM on January 23rd the 33-year old victim lost his balance and fell from the ninth floor of the jobsite. The worker was installing a car inside the shaft of the 12-story project (which is slated to become a new high-rise hotel).

Group Launches Investigations into Sexual Harassment Complaints Involving New York Police Officers

Serious Civil Rights violations in New York City including sexual harassment complaints will now be exposed to critical scrutiny thanks to an official watch dog group's plan to expand their focus in New York. NYPD's Civilian Complaint Review Board serves as the entity that investigates alleged police brutality and cases of excessive force in New York City. That group has the authority to make recommendations which have already resulted in convictions being overturned, charges being dropped, and individual NYPD officers being reprimanded for inappropriate behaviors. The Civilian Complaint Review Board recently announced that it will now also begin investigating alleged cases of sexual harassment involving NYPD officials.

New Body Cameras May Decrease Instances of Excessive Force in New York City

The City of New York announced late last month that it would ramp up the rollout of its police body cameras with the goal of equipping all patrol officers with such equipment by the end of 2018. Based on results from LA and other large metropolitan areas around the country, the presence of a police body camera is likely to reduce the instances of excessive force in New York City. Victims of police brutality will now having video evidence and should go a long way toward proving that officers went too far. 

Escalator Accident in Manhattan Leaves elderly Man Seriously Injured

A terrifying escalator accident in Manhattan left an elderly man fighting for his life earlier this month. The 80-year old was descending an escalator at a movie theater in Midtown Manhattan when, somehow, his leg became stuck between two steps of the escalator. Firefighters rushed to the scene and had to partially dismantle the escalator to get the victim out.

Poorly Maintained Stairways are a Safety Hazard in New York City Apartments

Stairway accidents in New York City are not taken seriously. Stairwells are one of the most common locations for accidents within apartment complexes throughout New York City. These common building fixtures become dangerous because the stairways in apartment buildings are ignored by maintenance employees which lead to unsafe conditions. In fact, most safety hazards aren't addressed until an accident occurs.

What to Do If You've Been Injured in a Cracked Sidewalk Accident in New York City

Cracked sidewalk accidents in New York City cause thousands of injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians and passersby, whether you are a young child, active professional and especially if you're a senior citizen. These accidents cause such serious injuries because the person who trips is completely unaware and has absolutely no time or opportunity to brace themselves. What happens is that the full body weight of the person comes crashing down of the body part that accident victim lands on. Falling from standing height can cause broken bones, torn tendons and ligaments, nerve damage and head trauma.

Family Left Homeless After Ceiling Collapse in New York City

A family was left homeless after a ceiling collapse in New York City earlier this month. Sadly, the matriarch of that family was forced to take matters into her own hands after the NYCHA failed to get her loved ones into a new home in a timely manner.

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