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Daycare Center Accidents - Accident or Neglect?

As a parent, you take great care to choose a daycare center that will keep your child safe. But even a thorough screening and review of a daycare's credentials cannot guarantee that the staff will perform their duties diligently at all times. And when daycare centers are negligent, the results can be heartbreaking.

Man Survives Fall Down Open New York Elevator Shaft

A visually impaired man's 2012 visit to New York City ended in tragedy that has stretched into a prolonged legal battle. As Brian Hurley, who suffers from Retinitis pigmentosa, was leading a completely blind friend down the sidewalk last May, he fell into an elevator shaft in front of the Doughnut Plant located in the Hotel Chelsea. The shaft outside the 220 W. 23rd St. location was open, unguarded, and unmarked.

Dog Mauls Toddler on Camera - Owners Get Away Scott Free

Last week a toddler was viciously mauled by a pit bull in Bronx while her mother looked on in terror. The two were walking down the street when the large dog raced across the roadway and latched onto the toddler's arm. The traumatizing attack was caught on CCTV and the little girl's nightmare was broadcast across the Internet. When the dog's owners finally arrived after the fact, they were cited by police for not having the dog on a leash but were allowed to keep the dog and avoided any further prosecution.

Death of Queens Teenager Underscores NYC Pedestrian Safety Concerns

Last Monday a 16-year-old boy standing on the sidewalk was struck and killed when a vehicle jumped the curb and collided with a group of pedestrians waiting to cross the street. Details about the accident are now being released, and it appears the driver lost control of his vehicle while reaching to prevent a carton of milk from spilling. The driver was uninsured at the time of the accident.

NYPD Changes Policy, Increases Traffic Crash Investigations

In a letter to the City Council, New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly outlined changes to the police department's crash scene investigation protocol. In his letter, dated March 4th, Commissioner Kelly explains that the City is expanding the criteria it uses to determine whether to dispatch its special investigative unit to the scene of a traffic crash.

Alarming Number of Cyclists Killed and Injured on NYC Streets in 2012

There were nearly 200,000 motor vehicle accidents on New York City streets last year. That's according to the preliminary data collected by the New York Police Department between January of 2012 and December. Of those 200,000 accidents, over 3,800 involved cyclists. That total number of bicycle accidents is up 8% from last year's tally of 3,500. Thankfully, the number of cyclist killed by motorists is down but only just: there were two fewer fatalities in 2012.

Violence at vigil for teenager shot by police; another case of excessive force?

In protecting the citizens of New York, the officers of the NYPD often have to make quick decisions under stressful conditions. Often, the officers have to balance the safety and need to protect the public against other matters- such as civil rights.

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