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Bicycle Accident in the Bronx Kills Man Riding on Broadway

A fatal afternoon bicycle accident in The Bronx claimed the life of a man riding properly in the travel lane. At roughly 12 noon, 59-year-old Jing Yin Jiang was riding his bike northbound on Broadway near West 89th Street when he was struck from behind by a box truck. Eyewitness reports show that the truck had swerved into the bicyclist's path and struck the victim, him, tossing him to the ground.

Fatal Scaffolding Accident in New York Claims Life of Contractor

Every day in New York City, hundreds of construction workers are working high above the city streets on thin strips of scaffolding held up by a few bolts and metal cables. Most of the time nothing goes wrong, but when it does, these scaffolding accidents in New York can turn dangerous and deadly in a heartbeat.

Elevator Accident in Williamsburg Leaves Victim Critically Injured

Last month an elevator accident in Brooklyn claimed the life of an infant and seriously injured the child's mother. This month another victim has been critically injured after falling at least seven stories down an elevator shaft. This most recent elevator accident in New York happened at a job site in Williamsburg where the man, a 42-year old employee of the Economy Elevator Company, was working at the time.

A Tragic Bicycle Accident In Manhattan Claims Texas Woman's Life

While it's true that the majority of crashes and fatal bicycle accidents in New York City involve automobiles but not every accident is caused by distracted or negligent automobile drivers. Indeed, every year dozens of individuals are injured while riding on bike paths throughout the city.

Subway Accident in Brooklyn Kills 1 Worker and Injures Another

Two MTA workers were struck by a subway train in Brooklyn earlier this week while performing special track maintenance. This New York City subway accident claimed the life of one of the individuals and left the other victim in the hospital with undisclosed injuries.

New Landlord Watch List Shines Light on New York's 100 Worst Landlords

It's no secret that some of the landlords in New York City spend as little as they can on the upkeep of their apartment complexes. But these cheapskate landlords are putting the lives of their tenants at risk. Every year apartment complex accidents in New York City send hundreds of unsuspecting victims to the hospital suffering from falls, injuries caused by ceiling collapses, electrical burns from faulty wiring, and respiratory problems caused by toxic mold growth. Landlords have a responsibility to keep their tenants reasonably safe.

Pedestrian Accident in Queen Kills One Teenager Send Another to Hospital

Two young girls were walking to school early on the morning of October 14th in Ozone Park when they were struck by a Chevy operated by an unnamed 55-year old driver. The girls were just a few hundred feet from their high school when the terrifying pedestrian accident in Queens occurred. The two teenagers were crossing the street near the intersection of Cross Bay Boulevard and 149th Avenue when the oncoming car crashed into them both.

Manhattan Dog Attack Leave Infant and Woman Scarred for Life

A woman was doing laundry while babysitting her friend's infant son in the laundry room of an East Harlem apartment building late last week when an uncontrolled pit bull viciously savaged both of them. This terrifying dog attack in New York City left both the woman and the child with severe bite wounds and emotional trauma. The 16-month-old boy was bit in the face and the woman's leg was mauled as she tried unsuccessfully to get the dog off the child.

Infant Dies, Mother Injured in Tragic Elevator Accident in New York City

An infant was killed and her mother seriously injured in an elevator accident in Brooklyn earlier this month. The six-week-old little girl-Areej Ali-was in a stroller that plunged down an elevator shaft at a Brooklyn apartment building on Thursday, October 14th. The elevator was under repair at the time of the accident but there were no signs posted and the doors were not locked in the closed position.

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