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New Vehicles Won't Prevent Bus Accidents in New York City

Public transportation buses have been responsible for a shocking number of fatal pedestrian accidents in New York City in recent years. In 2015 alone there were 7 deadly crashes involving pedestrians and 1 involving a cyclist. Many times the drivers of the buses involved say they never even saw the pedestrians they struck and killed.

Construction Accident in New York Sends Three Workers to Hospital

An early morning construction accident in New York City sent three construction workers to local hospitals suffering from serious, life-threatening injuries. The men were working on a jobsite in Brooklyn-near the Gowanus Expressway-around 9AM on May 9th when tragedy struck. That's when a massive steel plate fell from above and struck all three of them.

Two Cars Involved in Latest Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City

A horrific bicycle accident in New York earlier this month claimed the life of an unidentified man as he was riding through Brooklyn. The cyclist was passing through the intersection of Avenue P and East 12th Street when two cars collided next to him. In the aftermath of that initial collision, the bicyclist was struck by one (or possibly both) of the vehicles and killed. Just last month, another pedestrian was struck and killed by two vehicles while crossing the street.

Wrongful Conviction in New York City Results in Victims Winning $40 Million

A near-record-breaking financial award was recently negotiated in five separate wrongful conviction lawsuits in New York City. The five victims each spent 17 years in jail for murders they had nothing to do with--one of which was known to have been committed by gang members. The $40 settlement was reached after nearly three years of negotiation.

Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Involved Off-Route Semi Truck

An investigation into a fatal bicycle accident in New York City late last month has revealed that the 33-year old cyclist was killed when he "collided with the rear tire" of a tractor trailer truck. The truck was likely off-route and travelling city streets illegally. While the details of the bicycle accident in Park Slope are still unclear, some reports say that the truck passed the bicyclist causing the collision.

Falling Scaffolding Accident in New York City Kills Construction Worker

Just days after a vigil held to remember workers killed in fatal construction accidents in New York City another young man lost his life on an unsafe jobsite in Greenwich Village. 37-year old Louis Mata was killed in a tragic scaffolding accident in New York City. At the end of his work day, a plank broke free from scaffolding erected overhead and plummeted down, striking Mr. Mata in the head. He was found lying on the ground unconscious with severe head and neck trauma. Rescue crews rushed him to a nearby health facility but he never regained consciousness.

NBA Player Sues NYPD Officers for False Arrest in New York City

Last year, NBA player Thabo Sefolosha was acquitted of all charges filed against him by the NYPD stemming from an altercation inside a New York City nightclub. His arrest was so violent that he actually fractured his leg--a devastating injury for a professional athlete. Now Sefolosha, a victim of a false arrest in New York City and excessive force is suing 5 of the officers involved in the false arrest.

Residents Forced to Live With Dangerous Conditions in Bronx Public Housing

All over the city people are being forced to live in life-threatening dangerous conditions in New York City public housing complexes. Multiple investigations have shown that residents have to live in wet, moldy apartments infested with pests with the threat of apartment fires and ceiling collapses and staircase accidents looming over their heads every day.

Eyewitness to Fatal Bicycle Accident in New York City Denies Official NYPD Report

A fatal bicycle accident in New York City last month left a young woman dead, yet a series of conflicting reports have clouded who may be at fault. An investigation by news outlet Streetsblog shows this misreporting of bicycle accidents in New York is not uncommon.

Woman Injured by Falling Bricks in New York City

Many of us simply don't consider the danger lurking above our heads every day in New York City. Loose bricks, steel panels, glass, and tree limbs can come crashing down in an instant leaving very little time to react. Unfortunately, one woman found that out the hard way while walking along a stretch of sidewalk in Midtown earlier this month. The horrifying dangerous premises accident in New York City occurred on 45 W. 34th Street near 5th Avenue on April 18th when bricks fell from on high. Eyewitnesses say the bricks fell from "many stories" above, generating tremendous momentum as they plummeted to earth.

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