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Aggressive Driving Caused Bus Accident Injures 14 Witnesses Say

A crash in New Jersey last week is eerily similar to that of a New York City bus accident last winter which ended with the bus on the sidewalk and rescuers pulling innocent victims of the pavement. A loaded charter bus smashed into a traffic signal near the entrance to the Holland Tunnel. 14 people suffered from what rescuers classified as "minor injuries" after the sudden stop. Several eye witnesses stated the crash was "unavoidable" because a reckless driver swerved into the bus's travel lane an instant before the machine entered the Jersey City intersection.

Boating Accident in New York Leaves Family with Emotional Scars and Operator Behind Bars

A tragic boating accident in New York which left a little girl dead and her family struggling to cope with her loss has resulted in a dramatic sentencing for the operator of the at fault watercraft. 8-year-old Charlotte McCue was killed in July of last year when a motorboat operated by Alexander West crashed into the boat in which she was riding and went airborne. Young Charlotte and her mother were both struck by the boat's propeller. Charlotte was killed instantly while her mother suffered severe injuries.

Boy Saved from Drowning Accident in New York City

A tragedy was barely avoided earlier this week when a 7-year-old boy was saved from a potentially deadly drowning accident in New York City. The boy was enjoying a day at the beach with family in The Bronx when he slipped below the waves. An alert Good Samaritan spotted the boy floating off the shore at Orchard Beach and rushed in the water to save him.

Scaffolding Accident in Queens Leaves Six Injured

Six construction workers were rushed to the hospital after a scaffolding accident in Queens last month. The men were working at a jobsite in Long Island City at 42-20 27th Street where a new building is being erected. They were five floors above ground level when the scaffolding beneath them collapsed just before 11 on the morning of June 26th. The crew was pouring concrete at the time of the crash-likely using a crane boom in the process-but an immediate cause has yet to be determined.

Manhole Accident in Manhattan Kills Power to One building and Shuts Down Street

Late last month a series of fiery explosions sent over 60 FDNY firefighters scrambling through a neighborhood in Manhattan's Upper East Side and ConEd workers struggling to find a cause. The chaos began as the sun was setting on May 30th when a bizarre manhole accident in Manhattan caused multiple explosions. The first explosion triggered at least four more.

Fatal Bicycle Accident in Manhattan Marks Sad Milestone for Bike-Sharing in NYC

A fatal bicycle accident in New York City claimed the life of a 36-year old man earlier this month and was the first deadly accident involving NYC's premiere bike-sharing program Citi Bike. The accident occurred in Chelsea on Monday June 13th as Dan Hanegby, an investment banker and native from Brooklyn, was riding through the neighborhood during early morning traffic.

Truck Accident in New York Kills Man and Young Daughter

Two people were killed and three others injured earlier this month when an SUV collided with a box truck on the George Washington Bridge. It appears as if all the victims were members of the same family. The investigation into this terrible truck accident in New York City is still ongoing, however, police have released the names of the people killed in the crash: 40-year-old Hector Pedercini and his 5-year-old daughter Marianna.

Harrowing Construction Accident in Queens Leaves Three Injured

Three men are lucky to be alive today after a terrible construction accident in New York City. Just after 3 in the afternoon on Tuesday, June 20th rescue crews were called to a job site in Queens after a roof collapsed-sending three workers plunging into the darkness below.

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