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Report Finds Auto Accidents in NYC Still Number One Killer of Kids

An annual report by the Department of Mental Health and Hygiene shows that, yet again, auto accidents in New York City are the number one injury-related killer of children under the age of 15. Nearly 25% of all injury-related deaths of children in that age group are caused directly by auto collisions or pedestrian collisions on NYC streets.

Bronx Elevator Accident Kills Young Man

A rare elevator accident in New York City has claimed the life of a young man. Responders were called to a building at 680 Tinton Ave. in the Bronx on July 28th after a young man was discovered trapped between an elevator car and the inside of the elevator shaft. Rescuers arrived on scene but the man, 20 year old Tito Morales, was unconscious and unresponsive. He was carefully extracted but pronounced dead at the scene.

Construction Accident On Upper East Side a Close Call for Workers

A construction accident in New York late last month was a close call for workers refurbishing an apartment building located at 235 West 79th Street. A parapet on top of the roof collapsed, sending tons of brick tumbling got the ground below. The bricks smashed through a scaffolding set up to give workers access to upper levels and rained down on a cordoned-off area around the side of the building. Parts of the scaffolding also became unsecured and fell as well, adding to the dangerous projectiles. The falling objects finally smashed through a shed on the property but thankfully no one was injured.

Three Elderly Pedestrians Injured in Manhattan Traffic Accident

A bizarre crosswalk accident in New York, Manhattan's Lower East Side, injured three elderly pedestrians on the morning of August 28th. The women were crossing South Street, near Rutgers Slip, early in the morning when a 2010 Volvo crashed into the group.

Correction's Officer Inmate Assault in New York's Riker's Island Causes Injury Claims to Double, Report Says

A controversial new report shows that the increase in correction officer related inmate assaults in New York City (specifically at the Riker's Island prison) is directly correlated to the two-fold increase of injury claims filed by inmates against the Department of Corrections. The comptroller's office's data positively linked the 114% increase in violence over the last five years to the increase of inmates with mental health issues and the use (or misuse) of solitary confinement and questionable tactics many call abuse.

Two Construction Workers Injured in Greenwich Village Elevator Accident

Two construction workers were rushed to the hospital after a bizarre elevator accident in New York City. The accident occurred in West Village on August 6th. The men were travelling in an elevator at an apartment complex located at 56 West 11th Street in Greenwich Village when the elevator cables suddenly snapped. The car briefly plummeted before becoming jammed in the shaft between the eighth and ninth floors.

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