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Apartment Accident Leaves Five Injured

At least 5 people were hospitalized after an apartment accident in Manhattan earlier this month. FDNY crews responded to an emergency call from a 7-story apartment building on the Lower East Side on December 10th after a number of people became sickened and disoriented. When rescue crews arrived, they immediately evacuated the entire building and the surrounding area due to extremely high carbon monoxide levels.

High Percentage of Electrocution Accidents in New York City's Construction Industry

New figures released by the United States' Bureau of Labor Statistics show that construction workers bear the brunt of the vast majority of on-the-job electrocutions. While the overall risk of being electrocuted on a job site is lower than some of the other hazards on OSHA's "Fatal Four" list, the risk is very real. Indeed, over 70% of these types of on-the-job electrocution accidents in New York are within the construction industry.

Shocking Car Accident in New York City Results in $10 Million Lawsuit

An Uber driver who was seriously injured earlier this year in a car accident in New York City has filed a lawsuit in NYC court seeking $10 million for his injuries and financial losses. The accident happened when the man's car passed underneath the 7th Avenue overpass and multiple pieces of the structure came tumbling down. One of the chunks weighed more than 25 pounds.

Court Decision Clarifies the Law for Sidewalk Accidents in New York City

Determining liability in the case of a sidewalk accident in New York City has always been difficult. First, the victim needs to prove that a defect (such as a hole, crack or raised flagstone or uncleared ice and snow in winter months) caused their fall and injuries. Next, they need to determine who is legally responsible for maintenance of the sidewalk. Years ago, the city was almost always responsible for maintenance. That responsibility shifted a few years ago to fall mostly on the shoulders of the adjacent property owner (with several notable exceptions). Now a new court decision has taken the uncertainty about who is responsible for a sidewalk accident in New York City.

Bizarre Pedestrian Accident in New York City Leaves Man and Son Seriously Injured

A boy and his father out for a walk on a Thursday afternoon suddenly became the victims of pedestrian accident in Harlem last month. The father and son were walking on the sidewalk near their home when a white BMW driven by an unknown individual sped up, jumped the curb, and plowed into them. Both victims were knocked through a gate and left stunned. To add insult to injury, the driver of the car then exited his vehicle and attacked the father before fleeing the scene of the accident.

Terrifying Scaffolding Accident in Manhattan Leaves Four Construction Workers Injured

Four men were injured-one seriously-in a construction accident in New York City earlier last month. The scary scaffolding accident in Manhattan sent three men to the hospital with minor injuries and but one was listed in serious condition with potentially life-threatening injuries. The accident happened on November 11th around 7:30 in the morning at a construction site in Hudson Yards-near the intersection of 10th Avenue and 33rd Street.

Apartment Complex Accident in the Bronx Leaves Boy Fighting for his Life

A terrifying apartment complex accident in the Bronx has left a young boy with special needs fighting for his life in a New York hospital. The boy, who is just seven years old, fell roughly 90 feet after somehow squeezing out a ninth-floor window in his apartment at the Bronx River Houses earlier this week.

Bicycle Accident in New York City Leaves Victim Wondering if City is to Blame

A bicycle accident in New York left a young woman seriously injured earlier this month. The woman was thrown from her bike and landed on pavement while she was traveling down a darkly-lit, twisty, and hilly bypass created to shuttle bicycle traffic through Riverside Park. Safety advocates have long said that this mandatory bicycle bypass was designed poorly and puts bicyclists at unnecessary risk. Indeed, this bicycle accident in Riverside Park is just the latest in a string of crashes on the dangerous stretch of asphalt.

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